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Thunderous boos for Cruz for refusing to endorse Trump

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

Undercutting calls for Republican unity, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stubbornly refused to endorse Donald Trump Wednesday night as he addressed the GOP convention, igniting thunderous boos from furious delegates as he encouraged Americans to simply "vote your conscience" in November.



Hating on Hillary: GOP convention down and dirty

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

Liar. Garbage. Lock her up. Republicans at their national convention are putting Hillary Clinton on mock trial, declaring her guilty and issuing sentences that include death by firing squad, in a remarkable display of political rhetoric gone wild.



Police shootings touch nerve among military veterans

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

Back-to-back attacks on police in Texas and Louisiana by former military men have touched a nerve among veterans who traditionally share a close bond with law enforcement.



Speechwriter takes blame for Melania Trump's speech

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

With Donald Trump's campaign reeling from charges of plagiarism, a speechwriter for his company took the blame and offered to resign over nearly identical passages from Melania Trump's Republican convention speech and Michelle Obama's remarks eight years ago.



Caitlyn Jenner: Easier to come out as trans than Republican

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

Prodding her party, Caitlyn Jenner said Wednesday it was easier to come out as transgender than as a Republican and conceded Democrats promote more inclusive policies.



Gunman's manifesto describes actions as 'necessary evil'

Posted 7/21/2016 in National

The man who ambushed and killed three law enforcement officers in Louisiana purportedly described his actions as a "necessary evil" in a self-described, handwritten manifesto that an Ohio man says was emailed to him by the gunman less than an hour before the shootings.



Trump triumphs as GOP nominee, completing stunning climb

Posted 7/20/2016 in National

Cementing an extraordinary political takeover, Republicans nominated Donald Trump Tuesday night as their presidential standard-bearer, hitching their hopes of keeping Democrat Hillary Clinton out of the White House on an unorthodox candidate who has sown divisions within the party and across the nation.



Pence seeks to reassure conservatives

Posted 7/20/2016 in National

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, making his first appearance in Cleveland since being named Donald Trump's running mate, tried to reassure Republicans nervous about the celebrity businessman's conservative credentials by vouching for his character and comparing him to Ronald Reagan.



Outnumbered and outmuscled, Dump-Trumpers thumped by GOP

Posted 7/20/2016 in National

After weeks of planning and one ferocious outburst that upstaged nearly everything on the Republican National Convention's first day, conservatives' feisty but always improbable effort to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination succumbed to multiple causes of death.



Cleveland police break up skirmishes among demonstrators

Posted 7/20/2016 in National

Police broke up scuffles between groups of demonstrators a few blocks from the Republican National Convention as crowds in the hundreds gathered Tuesday afternoon.



Looking at own prospects, some Republicans avoid Cleveland

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

As her fellow Republicans gathered in Cleveland, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte was back home touting her work on a bipartisan bill intended to address opioid abuse.



After outbreak of dissent, Trump powers toward the prize

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Barring a last-minute jolt to the proceedings, Donald Trump is hours away from attaining the 2016 presidential nomination despite efforts to stop him that spilled messily into the opening of the Republican National Convention.



Poll: Trump supporters unfazed by reversal on self-funding

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Donald Trump's voters adored him for mostly paying his own way in the first half of the presidential campaign.



GOP platform tacks right on social issues

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

The Republican Party adopted what Christian conservatives cheered as the most conservative party platform ever on Monday, pushing the GOP decidedly to the right on abortion and gay rights amid uncertainty about Donald Trump's policies.



Police across US patrolling in pairs after ambush attacks

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Police departments across the country are ordering officers to pair up after ambush attacks left eight officers dead in Texas and Louisiana, a precaution that could slow response times to low-level crimes and drive up overtime for already exhausted police.



'Sheer brutality': Police detail Baton Rouge shooting scene

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

The horrific scene unfolded in a matter of minutes, a black-clad man with military training stalking law enforcement officers and ignoring horrified onlookers as he shot anyone he could find wearing a badge.



Man accused of urging people to kill police

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Police say a Georgia man has been charged after he urged people to kill white police officers.



Despite 3rd acquittal, Baltimore prosecutors push on

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

A Baltimore judge dealt the state yet another blow in the protracted and unsuccessful prosecution of six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who was injured in police custody.



Turkey's Erdogan recounts night of coup, mulls death penalty

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a series of televised appearances overnight in which he disclosed dramatic details of his survival on the night of a failed coup and raised the specter of reintroducing the death penalty to punish conspirators.



French authorities paint complex picture of attacker

Posted 7/19/2016 in National

Authorities investigating the truck driver who killed 84 people in a Bastille Day attack painted a complex picture Monday of a man who did not seem devout but had recently become interested in jihadi violence and researched past attacks in France and the United States, including one on a gay nightclub in Orlando.



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