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Trump as nominee improves odds for parts of Obama's legacy

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

There's no cheering at the White House for Donald Trump's success. Yet for President Barack Obama, things could be worse.



For some Republicans, Trump-Clinton matchup is 'nightmare'

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

As the setting sun's light flooded a meeting of Utah County Republicans, Melanie Sorensen described her concerns about her party's presumptive presidential nominee.



Gun violence gets more nuanced, probing media coverage

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

Media attention to gun violence tends to be doled out in predictable, limited ways: when a mass shooting happens, when the anniversary of such a tragedy is marked or when the use of deadly force by law enforcement or citizens is questioned.



Man accused of killing 3 in Maryland expected in court

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

federal security officer suspected in three fatal shootings outside a high school, a mall and a supermarket in a Maryland suburb of the nation's capital is due in court for an initial appearance.



Mosquito season brings no urgency for money to fight Zika

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

The White House and Democrats are pressuring congressional Republicans to act on President Barack Obama's demands for money to combat Zika, but even the onset of mosquito season that probably will spread the virus has failed to create a sense of urgency.



Conservatives licking wounds in the Age of Donald Trump

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

For a lot of angsty conservatives, there's more to worry about than just Donald Trump. There's the future of the conservative movement to consider.



Trump to face trial after election in Trump University suit

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

Donald Trump will go to trial in a class-action lawsuit against him and his now-defunct Trump University after the presidential election but before the inauguration, setting the stage for a president-elect to take the witness stand if he wins the White House.



More big-name Republicans abandon Trump

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

Big-name GOP leaders piled on Friday against Donald Trump in an extraordinary show of Republican-vs.-Republican discontent over his winning the party's presidential nomination.



Sanders' problem: To win, he needs Clinton's superdelegates

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

Bernie Sanders has a problem. Remember those superdelegates, the Democratic Party leaders and elected officials who can vote for the candidate of their choice?



Police: Federal officer in custody after 3 fatal shootings

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

A federal security officer is now facing multiple murder charges in a shooting spree across three Maryland parking lots that left three people dead.



Emma and Noah continue to be top baby names

Posted 5/7/2016 in National

When it comes to baby names, Emma and Noah reign supreme. And don't name your daughter Isis.



House Speaker Paul Ryan refuses to back Donald Trump

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

House Speaker Paul Ryan is refusing to support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, insisting Thursday that the businessman must do more to unify the GOP.



110-year-old WWII veteran from Louisiana dies

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

A 110-year-old Louisiana man who enlisted in the army during World War II to serve his country has died.



Cruz's strong 2016 run may enhance his conservative clout

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

In finishing the Republican presidential race well ahead of Donald Trump's other rivals, Ted Cruz is likely to be a leading GOP voice for the foreseeable future.



Democratic advertising blitz awaits Trump

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

Long before Donald Trump swatted away his Republican presidential rivals, his likely Democratic opponent and her allies began laying traps for him.



AP Source: Clinton aide interviewed in email investigation

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

The FBI has interviewed Huma Abedin, a close aide to Hillary Clinton, as part of a federal investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state, a person familiar with the probe said Thursday.



NC college system's federal funds in crosshairs of LGBT law

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

North Carolina's prized public universities could be the biggest losers as state leaders defend a new law limiting the rights of LGBT people.



Convicted child molester Sandusky gets appeals hearing

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

A Pennsylvania judge on Thursday gave convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky a hearing later this month to prove his claims that prosecutors lied, withheld evidence and leaked secret grand jury information to find additional victims.



GOP states benefiting from shift to wind and solar energy

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

If there's a War on Coal, it's increasingly clear which side is winning.



Michigan couple avoids jail over lost Dr. Seuss library book

Posted 5/6/2016 in National

A Michigan couple who faced jail after they borrowed a novel and a Dr. Seuss book from a local library and held onto them long past their return dates will remain free.



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