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Pence appeals for complete GOP support for overhaul

Posted 3/13/2017 in National

Vice President Mike Pence appealed for total GOP congressional support for a White House-backed health overhaul during a brief visit Saturday to Kentucky, where the Republican governor and junior senator are among the plan's skeptics.



Proposed $54B jump in defense budget won't help economy much

Posted 3/11/2017 in National

Investing another $54 billion in the U.S. military won't do much for the overall economy.



Church cops? Alabama congregation eyes its own unusual police force

Posted 3/11/2017 in National

Briarwood Presbyterian Church already has more than 4,000 members, two private schools and its own radio station. And if administrators have their way, the wealthy congregation could soon add something that no other American church has: its own police force.



Trump picks former FDA official to head food and drug agency

Posted 3/11/2017 in National

President Donald Trump announced Friday that has chosen a conservative doctor-turned-pundit with deep ties to Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry to lead the powerful Food and Drug Administration.



Trump praises arrest of 'troubled person' at White House

Posted 3/11/2017 in National

President Donald Trump said Saturday that the U.S. Secret Service did a "phenomenal job" apprehending a "troubled person" who got onto the White House grounds after climbing a fence on the east side of the property while Trump was inside the executive mansion.



Palestinian leader invited to White House in Trump call

Posted 3/11/2017 in National

President Donald Trump invited Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to the White House to discuss resuming peace talks in their first contact since Trump took office in January.



Bird flu cases revive fear of repeat of major 2015 outbreak

Posted 3/10/2017 in National

The detection of a highly pathogenic strain of bird flu at a Tennessee chicken farm has poultry farmers stepping up security in an attempt to prevent an outbreak like the one in 2015 that required the destruction of millions of chickens and turkeys in the Midwest.



NTSB: Fatal railroad crossing not on tour bus route

Posted 3/10/2017 in National

The Texas tour bus hit by a freight train in a deadly crash wasn't supposed to have taken the road where it got stuck at a rail crossing earlier this week, a federal official said Thursday.



Women's health services face cuts in proposed Republican bill

Posted 3/10/2017 in National

Women seeking abortions and some basic health services, including prenatal care, contraception and cancer screenings, would face restrictions and struggle to pay for some of that medical care under the House Republicans' proposed bill.



EPA chief: Carbon dioxide not primary cause of warming

Posted 3/10/2017 in National

The new chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming, a statement at odds with mainstream scientific consensus and his own agency.



Media the enemy? Trump sure is an insatiable consumer

Posted 3/10/2017 in National

Before most people are out of bed, Donald Trump is watching cable news. With Twitter app at the ready, the man who condemns the media as "the enemy of the people" may be the most voracious consumer of news in modern presidential history.



House panel OKs health bill, industry groups say 'no'

Posted 3/9/2017 in National

House Republicans scored a pre-dawn triumph today in their effort to scuttle former President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, but it masked deeper problems as hospitals, doctors and consumer groups mounted intensifying opposition to the GOP health care drive.



IRS strikes back as agents make big dent in identity theft

Posted 3/9/2017 in National

The IRS strikes back: The tax agency reports that the number of identity theft victims plummeted last year after agents struggled for years to combat what has become a multibillion-dollar industry.



Women go on strike in US to show their economic clout

Posted 3/9/2017 in National

Many American women stayed home from work, joined rallies or wore red Wednesday to demonstrate how vital they are to the U.S. economy, as International Women's Day was observed with a multitude of events around the world.



Hawaii becomes 1st state to sue over Trump's new travel ban

Posted 3/9/2017 in National

Hawaii has become the first state to file a lawsuit against President Donald Trump's revised travel ban, saying the order will harm its Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.



Ex-aides: Trump has long been worried about recorded calls

Posted 3/9/2017 in National

Long before he tweeted about wiretaps, Donald Trump worried about who was listening in on his calls.



Women's March organizers call for 'A Day Without a Woman'

Posted 3/8/2017 in National

Organizers of January's Women's March have called for women to take the day off and encouraged them not to spend money to show their economic strength and impact on American society.



WikiLeaks fallout: Should you worry about alleged CIA hacks?

Posted 3/8/2017 in National

So, you use messaging apps like WhatsApp or Signal or have smart TVs and PCs. Should you worry that the CIA is listening to your conversations?



Trump's new travel ban comes without the chaos of first one

Posted 3/7/2017 in National

When President Donald Trump signed his first travel ban with scant warning and little planning seven days into his presidency, he meant to signal he was a man of action.



House GOP releases bill replacing Obama health care overhaul

Posted 3/7/2017 in National

House Republicans on Monday released their long-awaited plan for unraveling former President Barack Obama's health care law, a package that would scale back the government's role in helping people afford coverage and likely leave more Americans uninsured.



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