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SUV that rolled, killed 'Star Trek' actor is under recall

Posted 6/21/2016 in National

The SUV that rolled down a driveway and killed "Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin was being recalled because the gear shifters have confused drivers, causing the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly, government records show.



Experimental Zika vaccine to begin human testing

Posted 6/21/2016 in National

An experimental vaccine for the Zika virus is due to begin human testing in coming weeks, after getting the green light from U.S. health officials.



As Zika looms, health officials worry about the neighbors

Posted 6/21/2016 in National

Saron Wyatt pointed to the secluded end of her small street in Houston's impoverished Fifth Ward, where a mound of old tires keeps popping up.



Senate to vote on gun control, prospects dim for change

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

Democrats get their long-sought votes on gun control a week after the massacre in Orlando, Florida, but election-year politics and the powerful National Rifle Association dim any prospects for changes in the nation's laws.



Divided America: Gun views fractious even as fewer bear arms

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

Look anywhere in this nation born of a bloody revolution of musket fire, and you're likely to find sharp disagreement over guns.



Biden: Trump could trigger surge in anti-Americanism

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

Warning of a potential surge in anti-Americanism, Vice President Joe Biden is tearing into Donald Trump's views on foreign policy and urging the country not to follow the presumptive Republican nominee down a path of isolationism and bigotry.



Trump says US should consider profiling Muslims

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

Donald Trump suggested Sunday that the United States should "seriously" consider profiling Muslims inside the country as a terrorism-fighting tool.



Former Vanderbilt football player again convicted of rape

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

A jury has convicted a former Vanderbilt football player on all counts after finding that he encouraged his teammates to rape an unconscious woman he had been dating.



FBI releasing conversations between gunman and police

Posted 6/20/2016 in National

Federal investigators promised to provide more insight as to what was happening inside the Pulse nightclub after a gunman started a deadly assault that was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.



Religious conservatives attempt balance in Orlando response

Posted 6/18/2016 in National

The massacre at a gay nightclub has tested the limits of the "love the sinner, hate the sin" approach to homosexuality by conservative religious leaders.



Nashville rape case echoes sex assault by Stanford swimmer

Posted 6/18/2016 in National

The cases are tragically similar: Student-athletes at two elite universities accused of sex crimes against unconscious women. Yet one is given six months in a county jail, while the other is facing at least 15 years in prison.



Trump verbal volleys leave jarred GOP bracing for convention

Posted 6/18/2016 in National

If Donald Trump's Republican Party were a family and its national convention a reunion, a therapist might say there are issues to resolve.



Democrats to give Trump 'rude awakening' in summer onslaught

Posted 6/18/2016 in National

Donald Trump's unconventional campaign is about to feel the heat of political organization.



One year after church shooting, much is the same in Charleston

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

The names of Confederate generals still adorn street signs in Charleston's public housing projects, and a heroic waterfront statue dedicated to the Confederate Defenders of Charleston still faces Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.



Divided America: Evangelicals feel alienated, anxious

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

Pastor Richie Clendenen stepped away from the pulpit, microphone in hand. He walked the aisles of the Christian Fellowship Church, his voice rising to describe the perils believers face in 21st-century America.



McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando shooting

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

Republican Sen. John McCain said Thursday that President Barack Obama is "directly responsible" for the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, because of the rise of the Islamic State group on the president's watch.



Rifle used in Orlando shooting was designed for military use

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

The weapon used in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history was designed to meet U.S. military requirements for a small, quiet combat rifle for use in close quarters.



Obama embraces Orlando families, appeals for gun controls

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

Embracing grieving Orlando families and appealing anew for national action, President Barack Obama claimed a threat to all Americans' security Thursday as a strong reason to tighten U.S. gun laws.



Lawsuits may offer fodder for Trump, Clinton attack ads

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

The presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both trying to prevent the public release of videos that are critical to legal cases involving the candidates.



Few if any minority senior execs in Trump's empire

Posted 6/17/2016 in National

There are few, if any, black executives in the upper ranks of the Trump Organization, a review by The Associated Press has found.



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