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Travel ban throws research, academic exchange into turmoil

Posted 2/1/2017 in National

Universities across the nation say President Donald Trump's ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries is disrupting vital research projects and academic exchanges in such fields as medicine, public health and engineering, with untold numbers of scholars blocked from entering the U.S.



Immigration order playing well to Trump's fans around nation

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven mostly Muslim countries is playing well in Trump Country, those places that propelled him to the White House.



Clash over refugee ban brings firing of Justice Dept. head

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

In an extraordinary public showdown, President Donald Trump fired the acting attorney general of the United States after she publicly questioned the constitutionality of his refugee and immigration ban and refused to defend it in court.



Boy Scouts will allow transgender children into programs

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

A New Jersey woman whose son was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he's transgender said she has mixed emotions after the organization announced it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.



AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

A man who President Donald Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered to vote in multiple states during the 2016 presidential election, the Associated Press has learned.



Smaller states rejoice as Amazon finally collects sales tax

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

Many online shoppers in the United States have for years had to pay state sales taxes whenever they buy goods from Amazon.



Trump travel ban sows chaos at airports, outrage at protests

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's immigration order sowed more chaos and outrage across the country Sunday, with travelers getting detained at airports, panicked families searching for relatives and protesters marching against the sweeping measure that was blocked by several federal courts.



Trump wants to enlist local police in immigration crackdown

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

To build his highly touted deportation force, President Donald Trump is reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law.



Military: First-known combat death since Trump in office

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

It's been described as the greatest burden any commander in chief must bear.



6 killed in Canada mosque shooting; Trudeau calls it terror

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

A shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers left six people dead and eight others wounded in an attack that Canada's prime minister called an act of terrorism. Police arrested two suspects.



Trump, Putin discuss 'mutually beneficial' trade, security

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

President Donald Trump had an hourlong discussion Saturday with Russian President Vladimir Putin -- the first since Trump assumed office last week -- raising questions over the fate of U.S. sanctions against Moscow and whether the two will look to enhance military cooperation against the Islamic State group.



Anti-abortion groups hold triumphant rally after Obama years

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

The politically ascendant anti-abortion movement gathered Friday for a triumphant rally on the National Mall, rejoicing at the end of an eight-year presidency that participants said was dismissive of their views.



Trump orders strict new refugee screening, citing terrorists

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

President Donald Trump on Friday barred all refugees from entering the United States for four months -- and those from war-ravaged Syria indefinitely -- declaring the ban necessary to prevent "radical Islamic terrorists" from entering the nation.



Key Till witness gave false testimony, historian says

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

The woman at the center of the trial of Emmett Till's alleged killers has acknowledged that she falsely testified he made physical and verbal threats, according to a new book.



Fashion police: Cops ease rules on tattoos, turbans, beards

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

The Joe Friday look is out. Tattoos, turbans and beards are in.



Intentionally or not, big brands help fund fake news sites

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

Wittingly or not, major global corporations are helping fund sites that traffic in fake news by advertising on them.



To stand out at Super Bowl 51, ads are going for stunts

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

Lady Gaga is reportedly entertaining an unusual twist on her Super Bowl halftime show, which -- though it's not confirmed -- she could perform from the roof of the stadium.



AP-NORC Poll: Broad worries about potential health care loss

Posted 1/28/2017 in National

Though "Obamacare" still divides Americans, a majority worry that many will lose coverage if the 2010 law is repealed in the nation's long-running political standoff over health care.



Political football: For some, Super Bowl reflects US divide

Posted 1/27/2017 in National

Not even the grandest of American sports spectacles is immune to the nation's deep political divisions.



Little girls doubt that women can be brilliant, study shows

Posted 1/27/2017 in National

Can women be brilliant? Little girls are not so sure.



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