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Obama acts alone on gun control

Posted 1/6/2016 in National

Tears streaking his cheeks, President Barack Obama launched a final-year push Tuesday to tighten sales of firearms in the U.S., using his presidential powers in the absence of tougher gun restrictions that Congress has refused to pass.


GOP candidates call for end to stigma around drug addiction

Posted 1/6/2016 in National

epublican presidential hopefuls called for a more compassionate discussion around drug addiction Tuesday, with emphasis on substance abuse as a curable disease, not a moral failing.



House vote to send health law repeal to Obama for first time

Posted 1/6/2016 in National

After dozens of failed attempts to undo President Barack Obama's health care law, the GOP-led Congress will finally put a bill on the president's desk striking at the heart of his signature legislative achievement.



North Korea says it tested H-bomb, though advance doubted

Posted 1/6/2016 in National

Soon after the ground shook around its nuclear testing facility, North Korea trumpeted its first hydrogen bomb test -- a powerful, self-proclaimed "H-bomb of justice" that would mark a major and unanticipated advance for its still-limited nuclear arsenal.


Obama thrusts gun control debate into forefront of 2016 race

Posted 1/5/2016 in National

President Barack Obama is making good on his pledge to politicize gun violence.


Consumers won't know meat origin after US ends labeling law

Posted 1/4/2016 in National

It's now harder to find out where your beef or pork was born, raised and slaughtered.



Trump brushes off militant recruiting video citing his words

Posted 1/4/2016 in National

Donald Trump won't be dissuaded from saying what he thinks simply because Islamic extremists use his words to recruit Muslims to their cause.



AP Explains: How much money you just saved on gas in 2015

Posted 1/2/2016 in National



Somali extremists use Trump clip to recruit followers

Posted 1/2/2016 in National

Al-Qaida's East African affiliate has released a recruitment video targeting American blacks and Muslims that includes a clip of presidential candidate Donald Trump calling for Muslims to be banned from entering the United States.



Obama explores unilateral steps on guns

Posted 1/2/2016 in National

President Barack Obama is looking for ways to keep guns out of the hands of "a dangerous few" without depending on Congress to pass a law on the fraught subject of gun control.



Health care repeal vote to open a political year in Congress

Posted 1/2/2016 in National

It's been like a long-delayed New Year's resolution for Republicans. But 2016 will finally be the year when they put legislation on President Barack Obama's desk repealing his health care law.



Renewed debate planned on LGBT rights, religious freedom

Posted 1/2/2016 in National

With same-sex marriage now legal nationwide, lawmakers in numerous states are preparing for a new round of battles in 2016 over whether to grant discrimination protections to LGBT people or religious exemptions to nonprofits and businesses that object to gay marriage.



High water in Midwest heading toward Memphis

Posted 1/2/2016 in National

The high water causing problems in Illinois and Missouri is heading south toward Memphis, Tennessee.



Bill Cosby charged with sexually assaulting a woman

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago -- the first criminal case brought against the comedian out of the torrent of allegations that destroyed his good-guy image as America's Dad.



Times Square on New Year's to be 'safest place in the world'

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

With the nation still jittery over shooting massacres in California and Paris, New York City officials sought to assure revelers Tuesday that the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square will be the safest place in the world -- heavily secured by thousands of New York Police Department officers, including a new specialized counterterrorism unit.



Street gangs migrate from drugs to white-collar crimes

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

The Van Dyke Money Gang in New York made off with more than $1.5 million this year -- but it wasn't in gunpoint robberies or drug running, it was a Western Union money order scheme.


Some military discharges mean no benefits after service ends

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

No medical or mental health care. No subsidized college or work training. For many who leave the U.S. military with less-than-honorable discharges, including thousands who suffered injuries and anguish in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, standard veterans benefits are off limits.


AP-NORC Poll: Religious rights most vital for US Christians

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

Americans place a higher priority on preserving the religious freedom of Christians than for other faith groups, ranking Muslims as the least deserving of the protections, according to a new survey.



Trump says criticism of Bill Clinton is fair

Posted 12/30/2015 in National

Donald Trump is reviving memories of Bill Clinton's affair with a White House intern and his turbulent interactions with black voters during South Carolina's 2008 primary as the ex-president prepares to campaign for his wife in New Hampshire.



Calm urged after Ohio grand jury doesn't indict officers

Posted 12/29/2015 in National

Officials are urging calm as they brace for expected protests after a grand jury voted not to indict a white Cleveland police officer for fatally shooting a 12-year-old black boy who was carrying what turned out to be a pellet gun.



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