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Trump: US must 'greatly strengthen' nuclear capability

Posted 12/23/2016 in National

President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday abruptly called for the United States to "greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability" until the rest of the world "comes to its senses" regarding nuclear weapons.



Senate Dems press Trump's wealthy picks for financial data

Posted 12/23/2016 in National

Top Senate Democrats are trying to put the brakes on President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet picks, insisting on extensive financial information on some of the wealthiest Americans before moving forward on nominations.



Australia police: Christmas Day bomb plot foiled, 5 detained

Posted 12/23/2016 in National

Police in Australia have detained five men suspected of planning a series of Christmas Day attacks using explosives, knives and a gun in the heart of the country's second-largest city, officials said today.



White nationalists raise millions with tax-exempt charities

Posted 12/22/2016 in National

The federal government has allowed four groups at the forefront of the white nationalist movement to register as charities and raise more than $7.8 million in tax-deductible donations over the past decade, according to an Associated Press review.



Trump denounces market attack, vows tough immigration plan

Posted 12/22/2016 in National

Denouncing the deadly attack on a Christmas market in Germany, President-elect Donald Trump renewed his vow to stop radical terror groups and appeared to suggest a willingness to move ahead with his campaign pledge to ban temporarily Muslim immigrants from coming to the United States.



Deep divide stops effort to repeal N.C. LGBT law

Posted 12/22/2016 in National

A supposedly bipartisan deal to repeal North Carolina's anti-LGBT law collapsed when both sides balked and started blaming each other, likely meaning the state will remain a pariah shunned by corporations, entertainers and high-profile sporting events.



Trump hosts candidates for key Veterans Affairs post

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

President-elect Donald Trump met Tuesday met with candidates for his unfilled Cabinet positions, including prospective hires to run the Department of Veterans Affairs, a beleaguered agency that the Republican businessman has vowed to overhaul.



North Carolina lawmakers meeting to consider HB2 repeal

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

North Carolina's legislature is reconvening to see if enough lawmakers are willing to repeal a 9-month-old law that limited LGBT rights, including which bathrooms transgender people can use in public schools and government buildings.



Wisconsin's Walker asks Trump for more control over refugees

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker asked President-elect Donald Trump in a letter delivered Tuesday to give his state more authority in determining how many refugees can come from countries with ties to terrorism.



McConnell rejects calls for select panel on Russian meddling

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting bipartisan calls for a special committee to investigate Russian interference in the U.S. election, which American intelligence says was aimed in part at helping Republican Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.



Deadly Mexico fireworks blast hits market packed for holidays

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

The San Pablito fireworks market was especially well stocked for the holidays and bustling with hundreds of shoppers when a powerful chain-reaction explosion ripped through its stalls, killing at least 29 people and leaving dozens more badly burned.



Security tightens up at Christmas markets across Europe after attack

Posted 12/21/2016 in National

Security was tightened at Christmas markets across Europe on Tuesday after a deadly truck attack on a market in Berlin -- and pointed questions arose over why the German capital was vulnerable despite months of warnings.



Revolt fizzles as Trump easily wins Electoral College vote

Posted 12/20/2016 in National

So much for an Electoral College revolt.



North Carolina's 'bathroom bill' set on fast path to repeal

Posted 12/20/2016 in National

North Carolina lawmakers appear poised to repeal a controversial law widely derided as the "bathroom bill" because it requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in many public buildings.



Trump aides: Democrats' complaints are sour grapes

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

Sour grapes. That's how Donald Trump's closest advisers see Democrats' complaints that Moscow hacked their private emails this election season in a bid to sow discord among their supporters and sway the election toward Republicans.



Electoral College meets amid effort to deny Trump presidency

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

And you thought Election Day was in November.



Trump Cabinet excites his voters

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

As each Cabinet announcement draws fresh criticism of the wealth, connections or opinions of Donald Trump's latest appointees, many Americans who voted for him say the president-elect is doing what he promised to do: draining the swamp.



Gas prices jump 6 cents over 2 weeks

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

The average price of regular-grade gasoline has jumped 6 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.26 a gallon.



Medicare outpatients risk higher bills for some procedures

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

You pay less for outpatient treatment than for a hospital admission, right? Not necessarily in the topsy-turvy world of Medicare billing, according to a government report.



China disputes US claim it's top source of synthetic drugs

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

U.S. assertions that China is the top source of the synthetic opioids that have killed thousands of drug users in the U.S. and Canada are unsubstantiated, Chinese officials told the Associated Press.



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