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Ed Paden


Ed Paden



Ed (Edgar Louis) Paden died on January 10, 2013, at age 83. Ed most recently lived in Northport, Alabama. Ed passed quietly in his sleep after suffering a bout of pneumonia. Ed is survived by his wife, Evelyn; his three sons, Raymond, Larry and Scott Paden; and his brother, Glenn Paden. The child of Louis Cotes Paden and Stella (Maggie Estelle) Lewis Paden, Ed was born in the throes of the Great Depression. Louis and Stella acquired a homestead near Oak Grove in southern California to protect themselves against the depression. Ed learned ingenuity through necessity and by the example of his father, Louis. Using army surplus pipes and inner tubes to bring water from a mountain spring and a windmill to charge a bank of 6 volt batteries, Louis built a machine shop and home complete with electric lights, hot and cold running water, a full bathroom, and even a water cooled food locker. Louis’ example paid off as Ed leaned on his ability to fix things throughout his life. An accomplished Pontiac mechanic, Ed assumed the role of Motor Sargent during the Korean War. After the war, Ed followed his love of electronics attending trade school in radio and television electronics becoming a sought after electronics expert focusing on the repair of television and the new color cameras at NBC studios in Burbank, California. Ever the free spirit, Ed moved his business, wife Phyllis Sloan Paden and three boys to “God’s country” in the Northern Arizona Mountains during the early 1960s. After his divorce from Phyllis in the late 60s, Ed continued to provided a home for his three boys and ran his business through the recession of the Mid 70’s. Then living with his three boys in Columbus, Mississippi, Ed fell back on his auto mechanic skills and worked his way up to a management position for Pickens’ Trucking in southeastern Alabama. Ed became known as “The Sandman” throughout the Columbus area as he managed the sale, processing, and shipping of millions of pounds of sand, gravel, stone, and cement for the Columbus Lock and Dam near Columbus, Mississippi. Ed retired in the early 90’s, proud of the Lock and Dam, but anxious to once again rebuild his electronics repair business located behind his home near Lee High School in Columbus. After the loss of his wife, Pauline Porter Walker in 1996, Ed eventually fell in love with his final soul mate, Evelyn Lanning Paden. Later Ed and Evelyn created a beautiful home in Northport, Alabama where he enjoyed their cat Siam, gospel music, his aquariums, and long talks with his loved ones. Join us as we celebrate Ed’s life and memory at 4:00 PM on January 19 in the Columbus Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 301 Brooks Drive, Columbus, Mississippi 39702.










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