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Time to bury a dead dog


Cameron Triplett Sr., Brooksville



The only people who think the proposed names for MUW, Reneau and Waverley, are "racist" ARE racists. It''s way past time to bury that dead dog. These people constantly harp about how some glorify the past and want to relive it, while they themselves continue to keep the past alive with claims of being "offended."  


Look, if it weren''t FOR the past being what it is, none of us would be here, and here wouldn''t be here either. Get over it, accept it, celebrate it, (does "Juneteenth" come to mind there?), and be happy. 


Since some names can''t be used because they are "racist," and we can''t "offend" anyone. Heaven help us: That leaves only one naming choice. My cousin knew Miss Eudora well. According to him she was a very humble person who would be delighted at the prospect of MUW being re-named in her honor. She wasn''t a physically attractive woman, but she could write and when she spoke her beauty shone brilliantly. The reason she only attended MSCW for two years was she went to another school to study under a certain instructor in her chosen field, writing. Since she isn''t a "W" graduate, some say that strikes her name off the list. What''s a mother to do? 


I have come up with a couple more suggestions, as I''m sure a lot of other people have also. Since my closest "tie" to the "W" is an aunt I didn''t like who graduated from "MSCDuuubya," I think I can be objective without being sentimental, although I might be objectionable. Since most people want to have the name of the town in the new university name, How about ''Possumtown University, or PU for short? 


When the first man sued to go to the W, I''m sure he thought he was showing the feminists what it was like to have the shoe on the other foot, but I''ll bet he now wishes he would have left well enough alone. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, only it might not be what you expected. To those who wish to put an end to "my" traditions, look out or your traditions might come to a screeching halt one day when the naked light of truth shines on it minus the politically correct spin.



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Reader Comments

Article Comment Wgirl2007 commented at 4/12/2009 11:02:00 AM:

Mr. Triplett: After reading this letter, I can only come to one conclusion. You, sir, are a jerk.

Have you ever heard the cliche, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it?" The people who take offense to the names Reneau and Waverley are wiser than you, sir, who would apparently prefer to bury the past than recognize its continuing influence on the present and future. Now, personally, of the three names tested by the Cirlot Agency, I found Reneau to be the lesser of three evils. Additionally, I found it more ridiculous than offensive that Waverely was seriously considered -- naming the university after a Sir Walter Scott work? Seriously? What does that have to do with Mississippi, modern education, or women? But all that aside, I respect the feelings of those who do not like these names for the implications they provide. Perhaps, out of common decency, you could attempt to do the same.

And yes, it is necessary to consider the role of women when considering a name change for the W. The women's mission must remain relevant. And if the university's administration would remove their heads from their nether regions long enough to recognize it, a women's mission at a traditionally female-centric school is an incredibly marketable aspect that hasn't been sufficiently tapped. The W is a unique educational experience, with the best faculty in the state. Changing the name will not increase enrollment, but making a concentrated effort at recruiting and touting the benefits that the W can already provide will.

And finally, I cannot help but take offense to your offhanded mention of Ms. Welty's so-called "lack" of physical attractiveness. What on earth does that have to do with your argument? Yes, she was an amazing writer, and had more talent in her pinkie finger than you likely have in your misogynistic body. The fact remains that she did not graduate from the W, but the university has paid homage to her in multiple ways: a building, a street, and an annual writers' symposium is named for her already. Naming the university after her seems like overkill.

If you cannot add anything substantial to the argument, kindly keep nasty comments about "feminist" W harpies and their equally objectionable supporters to yourself.


Article Comment Clay Dove commented at 4/14/2009 9:11:00 AM:

I can recall when MSCW was changed to MUW. I was much younger then and guess I missed all the rukkus - if there was any. I do recall folks making a funny face and saying "mew" like a kitty cat though. My dearest departed sister-in-law was a "W" graduate. She was very proud of it and we were very proud of her. I don't recall her ever calling the college anything other than "The W". To me and I am sure many others, that will always be its' name. I have to wonder if the powers that be even considered that as a name?


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