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Cameron Triplett: American treasures




American treasures 


The gentlemen (Negro League baseball players share their stories, Feb. 16) who spoke in Columbus the other day are true heroes and the ones that young people, black and white, should revere. Those men have true spirit. They experienced some things, good and bad, that no one else ever will. It''s their attitude about life in general that most impressed me. And, they used a word that has almost become a dirty word today: discipline, especially self-discipline. I know they have gone on to another engagement, but if you can, please send them word that they are true American treasures. I salute them. 


Cameron Triplett Sr 





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Article Comment mitch commented at 2/20/2011 9:44:00 PM:

Those of us that remember the civil rights movement in the 50s and 60s when it was at its worse or best point and there were no turning back or hiding from the world how blacks citizen was still being treated in the land of the free some white people had the saying "they can change the law but never change our mind" some of us know to ignore people like mr. Triplett just be vigilent and alert to the law maker, politician and what they are doing in jackson and in washington watch closely what in being done right here in our own city and county. anyone thats ever been in line where food is being sold know there are white people in line with big loads of groceries paying with food stamp and loadng them in large suvs , thats is true equality, all who are hungry gets to eat. As for absentee voting I also donot trust it I know people that could go to the polls but the same people come around every election and do what I call vote them if you ask some they dont know who they voted for or why. It is sad because of the people that fought, went to jail, and died for this right to vote have been ignore and their and our struggles was for nought.


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