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I was born, grew up, and educated through high school in Columbus. From the time I was old enough to read, I read The Commercial Dispatch and its comics. Since returning to Columbus after retiring in 1985, I have been a regular subscriber to the same newspaper. I don''t believe that I have ever before written a "Letter to the Editor." Now, though, I have a complaint. 


For whatever period of time it may have been since the advent of television, The Dispatch provided us with a "weekly" schedule of the following week''s programs, each Sunday--until recently when you began publishing daily, the next day''s schedule. Since then, I have heard many complaints, with which I completely agree, on the inconvenience of such! 


With a schedule in hand for a whole week, your readers can have this to conveniently refer to, in trying to remember times and channels of previous and future programs. Having to tear out a TV schedule from "The Dispatch" each day, and two on Sundays, is a terrible inconvenience. 


I respectfully suggest you poll your readers concerning their opinions of this change. I have no doubt the result of such will overwhelmingly agree with my inconvenience. 


Joe Fant, Columbus



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