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Dear Birney, 


As I do every Sunday, I look for your article. You didn''t disappoint this week (Tupelo honey at the Silver Spur). I felt I should respond. 


#1 - I have the recipe for Silver Spur slaw. At least that''s what Tom Wolford told me when he gave it to me, saying he only got it after the Spur closed. It''s also on the original paper Tom gave me. I''ll be happy to share it with you and Mr. (George) Dyson. 


#2 - I too remember the Silver Spur. This was around the time I married. The steaks and the slaw was wonderful and the atmosphere was unequaled in Columbus. I only remember a band to dance to on New Year''s Eve. I remember Peaches, the huge fireplace, and most vividly the Moonflower plant by the entrance. It only opened at night and had the most delightful fragrance. 


#3 - What a tribute to Jimmy Garton. I don''t remember the silk shirts, but when that white James Brown danced, everyone moved back to form a ring and give him plenty of room. I only knew him by his nickname for several years. During my teenage years, most everyone had a nickname. 


#4 - Is the Tupelo tree a sweet gum? Your article never said. 


#5 - This has nothing to do with your article. I have a Joe Sarcone portrait of a pretty little girl. I bought it from his studio after his death. What do you think of an article w/picture to identify her. I would love to return her to her family minus the frame. 


Dotty Egger Richards, Columbus 




Editor''s note: The tupelo tree is also known as sour gum and water tupelo. Bees take nectar from the tree''s flower to make the highly prized tupelo honey. Van Morrison recorded a song by the same name. The town 60 miles north of Columbus was originally called Gum Pond for the high number of tupelo trees native to the area. The name was changed after Civil War skirmish, known as the Battle of Tupelo, so called for all the tupelo trees in the area. Tupelo is host of the Gumtree Arts Festival and is the birthplace of a well known singer whose name escapes us.



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