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Raymond Gross: Gas prices




Over the past few years I''ve read many letters to the editor about how gas prices are always higher in Columbus than anywhere else in the state. I think all this concern is good, and I appreciate the paper publishing all those letters so others may be encouraged to join in the song of complaints. Well, we are at a point now where you need to do much much more than just write letters to the papers. When I hear that gas prices will be $5 per gallon before mid-summer with no ceiling in sight, I can''t just sit around acting like an old passive unconcerned couch potato.  


I''m calling congressmen, senators and anyone else that might be in an elected position to help us -- they do work for us -- along with e-mails to the president. I strongly urge everybody to do the same with loud demands that a green light be given to start new drilling of oil wells in and around the U.S.  


The fact that only 76 miles of new oil pipe line is all that''s needed to join ANWR, Alaska to the existing pipe lines, already in Alaska, should be reason enough to awake millions of people to rise up from a deep sleep and join in a march on the White House protesting Obama''s orders to stop drilling. Since he works for us, let all the protesters demand that he take immediate action to start oil flowing (millions of barrels a day) from our most northern coast through the pipe lines to our lower 48 and allow drilling to begin down here too. 


We have to do something folks, especially with the possibility of $10 per-gallon gas on the horizon. I say "to heck" with all this silly liberal union led "sit-in stuff," we need to start a multi-million person protest march on the White House about a "way more" serious and meaningful cause---"making us free from the dependency on foreign oil." 




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Article Comment kj commented at 3/10/2011 3:15:00 PM:

It's not possible to make us free from the dependency on foreign oil. Even if we produced as much oil as we could consume domestically the price would still be controlled by the world market for oil. Unless, that is, you want to nationalize the U.S. oil industry.

The ever-increasing price of oil is being driven by growing worldwide demand fed by development in China and third-world markets. Destroying a national wildlife refuge won't make it affordable for us to fill up our empty pickup trucks and SUVs. Poisoning the gulf-coast seafood industry sure didn't do it.

The only thing that will break us of our dependency on foreign oil is for oil prices to rise so much that we are forced to develop and adopt a more affordable alternative.


Article Comment hope commented at 3/10/2011 7:44:00 PM:

Since the fuel embargo of 1973, every President that has run for office since then has promised that we will become energy independent. We know that hasn't worked. We know that no matter how many tax breaks we give to big oil, that hasn't worked. The Iraq war was supposed to be paid for by Iraqi oil and give some to us too, but with Iraq refining less oil now than when the war began, that hasn't worked. The trans-Alaska pipe line was suppose to help lower our dependence on foreign oil, but we are importing more than ever. In 2008, when oil was over $147 a barrel, the five largest oil companies netted over $80 billion and that hasn't worked. The speculators on wall street who make millions by trading oil futures hasn't worked. Special interests buying out our politicians will fail the people everytime.
Alternative fuel is the only answer along with more drilling. We have more natural gas now than we know what to do with. With KIOR producing a barrel of oil at a cost of $17 out of wood chips, that'll help. We have lots of trees.
The only other way that we would become energy independent if the Middle East refused to sell us any oil.


Article Comment hope commented at 3/10/2011 8:34:00 PM:

oil embargo instead of fuel.


Article Comment melody commented at 3/10/2011 9:26:00 PM:

You're right Mr. Gross about the liberal protesters in Wisconsin. I heard they were mostly union paid trouble makers from other states like Illinois where the dem senators were on vacation. I know people in WI and they say all the WI people were peaceful and it was those George Soros paid thugs from out of state making all the violence and damage to the WI capitol building. If I was the Gov I would have had the NG run the out of staters back to Chicago or whereever.
I agree on the worthwhile cause of making us free from the oil from over there. It can be done if we can get someone in the whitehouse with enough backbone to get it started in ANWR -Obama is weak as water and will never do it, even if we could do the big protest march, he's leave town like the vp has done . All liberal dems like to run and hide to avoid facing what right and best for our country. I will join you with phone calls and emails to DC, thank you for being concerned and keep up the good work! Can't wait till next year to vote for Gov Palin who will get the ball rolling toward the US being independent from those rag heads over there.


Article Comment hope commented at 3/10/2011 10:16:00 PM:

@melody---Governor who?So you are going to vote for a quitter who hates her (quote) damn job!


Article Comment gogetum commented at 3/10/2011 11:00:00 PM:

Mr. Gross, It's actually only 74 miles of new pipe line that's needed to reach from AMWR to the nearest lines already there. It was old slick willy who originally stopped the drilling there and now Obama won't let it happen. Liberals who support the Obama agenda are very deserving of the 10.00 per gal gasoline for just setting on their behinds letting him stop all the oil drilling. You're right ,Mr. Gross, he works for us but not very much. I do my share of calling and emailing. Nunnlee hasn't responded yet and I never expect to get a reply from the White House. I wonder if all the libs around here (all 4 of them) will mind paying the high prices for gas, probably will but surely won't be letting on about it.
melody is right about the Illinois libs going to WI to cause trouble-I even saw old 'run Jessie run' Jackson there in the capitol bldg putting in his 50 cents worth but I bet the union bosses paid him much more than 50 cents to go there.
I think you are on the right track melody. Gov Palin will make a good president- way more qualified than Barry. A one eyed jack rabbit could stare him down. Can't you just see Col. Kadafee shaking in his boots after Obama's threat to hold him accountable if he doesn't step down. Ha ha


Article Comment raider commented at 3/11/2011 8:06:00 AM:

I love you people. gogetum points out that "It was old slick willy who originally stopped the drilling there (AMWR)and now Obama won't let it happen." He just skipped over "the lost years." That was the eight years that Bush was in the WH. The years that rethugs also controlled congress and the supreme court. AMWR wasn't opened during those years either. But, since it makes y'all feel good, y'all can forget about GWB. But I will always remember the lost years as the years the "AMERICAN DREAM" was stolen from the middle class.
After eight years of GWB, the US was on the verge of another "great depression". It's very telling that the same people who thought that GWB was a good president is also the people that think Sarah Palin would make a good president. It is the same people who think that attacking the middle class workers of america is also a good idea.
It's just amazing to me that the people who felt it was unfair to have the richest americans pay an additional 3 percent in taxes believes it's fair for the middle class and poor employess of Wisc basically take a 8-12 percent cut. Why? Because we love those loveable hedge fund managers and stock brokers that played russian roulette with our 401k money and stole billions of dollars but, we hate the teacher that makes $45000 dollars a year trying to teach the future leaders and workers of america. They haven't stolen anything. But, they are the enemy because somehow they have banded together to negotiate as a group to attempt to earn a better wage and obtain the American Dream. Go figure.
Since every poll taken, supported the workers of Wisc...why didn't the rethugs support the workers?


Article Comment frank commented at 3/11/2011 12:44:00 PM:

Well KJ is half right. Her last sentence is true. When oil prices rise to the point that alternative energy is competitive, only then will real change occur. Money drives the world, bet on it.

On the other hand she is wrong when she says developing our own reserves will not effect the price. Anytime you increase supply and competition you will make a more efficient market. Drilling and processing domestic oil will bring the domestic price down if for no other reason than not having to ship it across the ocean...

We should be producing as much domestic oil as we can while we are building nuclear plants for electricity. Failure to build nuclear generation capacity is our biggest infrastructure mistake in the last 35 years. We are paying for that whacko debacle now.


Article Comment mr. jordan commented at 3/12/2011 9:27:00 PM:


A gallon of gase in England costs $9, ours is $3.50.

We import 20% of our oil. France imports 80% and Japan over 90%, so they are far more dependent that we are.

If we drill for more oil it will go to fill up gigantic trucks driven by overgrown little boys who are neither farmers nor ranchers but apparently need the big rig for their ego and self image. That is not a goal worthy of endangering the Gulf of Mexico again. Even if you unlocked a gazillion gallons somewhere, the auto companies would build another gazillion big gas-hog trucks and SUVs to soak it up.

We should, instead, tax oil to curb demand and to reduce the deficit so we can be ready if a real oil emergency arises. Japan spent billions on extra sturdy construction codes. Even though it cost a lot up front, it saved perhaps thousands of lives in the recent earthquake. Let's get ready now for a potential future oil earthquake by monetarily rationing oil now.

The boys will get over losing their behemouth trucks.


Article Comment frank commented at 3/13/2011 1:34:00 PM:

The reason gas prices are insanely high in Europe is because they have let the liberal/socialist elements inundate their governments. They are being TAXED to death to pay for socialist programs and have stagnant low productivity economies to show for it.

Thank God we still have a quasi-free country where a person can drive whatever vehicle they want within their means. Don't fall in the socialist trap of wanting to force all society down to the same level. Instead strive to pull YOURSELF up to the level you desire.

Socialism just doesn't work. It is a trap that we should recognize by now. Europe, for the most part is an excellent example of how NOT to run a government! I DON'T want to be like them. Do you? Really?


Article Comment hope commented at 3/13/2011 3:19:00 PM:

@frank--------Capitalism failed under Hoover and almost under Bush. If a Republican is elected President in 2012, it will fail again. The best way to prevent it would be to outsource all Republican politicians and secure our borders so they couldn't get back in.


Article Comment frank commented at 3/13/2011 4:40:00 PM:

Well Hopeless "almost" doesn't count unless you are talking horseshoes and hand grenades. Socialism HAS FAILED in Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and I am not even out of Europe/Asia yet. Count the failures in South America and Africa for the complete list of socialist FAILURES.

You can keep your communist/socialist ideology and go live in Cuba for all I care. I'll stick with the capitalism that won both world wars, put men on the moon, and contributed to, if not created, almost every technological innovation of the 20th century. It isn't perfect by any means but it is one hell of a lot better that any existing alternative. I am saddened that any self-respecting American is preaching this socalist/communist crap. There is a whole country full of opportunities out there for your personal advancement. GO TO WORK and stop expecting the government to care for you.


Article Comment hope commented at 3/13/2011 5:47:00 PM:

Capitalism failed us under Hoover and also Bush.


Article Comment mr. jordan commented at 3/13/2011 8:07:00 PM:


My point on raising revenue by taxing oil is that it will help us get ready for a real future cutoff. Also, we will always be open to extortion from oil producers since no matter how much oil we produce, guys like you will develop even more outlandish ways to use it up (like gargantuan trucks that haul nothing but egos and gargantuan "McMansions").

As for your posturing over socialism, I might point out that Mississippi is "freeloading" off northern liberal states because we get more "welfare" back from Washington than we send and it comes out of the hides of Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut. Why don't you send them a thank-you note for their largesse, Frank, you socialist freeloader?

Also, China, a communist-capitalist state, even more heinous that those "terrible" European socialists, nearly owns our country since we have sold it our bonds to fund two wars off-budget (your wars, I might ad), several tax cut givaways to the Wall Street boys who almost put us into a depression, and the prescription drug give-away Bush used to help buy the 2004 election.

It is going to be a long fall off your high horse, Frank.


Article Comment frank commented at 3/13/2011 11:42:00 PM:

Jordie if advocating hard work, self improvement, self reliance, freedom, and being an anti socialist puts me on a "high horse" in your mind then you must find yourself looking upward most of the time. You see I am the middle child of a large, barely middle class family who was admittedly blessed with two loving, hard working, parents. I started working in grade school, worked my way through college, worked for others as well as creating my own small business. Rest assured I have fallen off that imaginary horse of yours several times only to get up, dust off, and ride it again. I didn't cry to the government nor have I ever taken a nickel in government assistance of any kind, but Lord knows I have paid a truckload of nickels in as taxes. Can you say the same?

Yes, Mississippi receives more in government aid than we pay in taxes mainly because we have too many people with the mentality that the government owes them something. That is WHY I am advocating self improvement and hard work! People CAN improve themselves, this state, and this country but they must change from your "I am a victim" mindset to believing in themselves and adopting a work ethic to achieve not only self support but indeed a comfortable, respectable, living. I WORKED my way from rental housing to where I am today in this very same world we all live in. I know it can be done. Been there, done that.

Apparently you are a big fan of Mao Tse Tung and the red Chinese since you think their system is so great. Let me address that: Aside from the fact that I have previously stated several times on this forum that I didn't support Bush you seem to have convicted me of starting two wars. If you will take a look at what comprises our deficit you will find that the total cost of those two wars is only a tiny fraction of what this nation is spending on ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS. What put our national debt at astronomical levels is paying for all those welfare programs Mississippi is benefiting from. TIME TO GO TO WORK JORDIE and HOPELESS. You ARE the problem, not the wars! And your Chinese example is an excellent illustration of the failure of communism/socialism. China wallowed in socialist poverty until Tricky Dick Nixon decided to open trade talks with them followed on correctly by Bill Clinton. Even then, China still struggled terribly until guess what happened? That's right, capitalist Hong Kong reverted to the mainland. Not until China began trading with capitalist nations and started allowing and implementing capitalist policies did they emerge from the depths of poverty. They still have a long way to go but they have seen the light. While China and other formerly communist/socialist countries move toward capitalism, there are still people in this country advocating more socialism. Ridiculous!

Look down toward your ankles Jordie. See those bootstraps? Grab hold to those and pull yourself up by them. You and just darn near everybody else in this great country can succeed. Ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. (JFK) Do it for yourself.


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