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Renaming The W




Renaming The W 


Renaming The W is of secondary importance. The only change really needs at that fine old college is in the office of president! The present one who occupies that seat has done nothing but cause conflict, disruption and unfortunate publicity to The W ever since she took her seat in the president''s chair. She will not be content until she names it the Limbert U!! 


Has the IHL Board gone into hibernation these past few years? 


Frances Madison 





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Article Comment Megan S. Morgan commented at 4/20/2009 1:06:00 PM:

D. Matt,

The level of stupidity in your comment frankly shocks me. As a female graduate of MUW class of 2008, and (to use your, um, delightful vernacular) a twenty-something Young Hot Thang (who will one day be a proud Blue-Haired W Girl), I can tell you that I was delighted to attend MUW because of the small class sizes and personal attention from professors. I am now a research fellow at a top-tier graduate program at UGA (which is about 60/40 male), and I can tell you that classes are often dominated by men - perhaps your relatives? - who do not know when to stop spouting off at the mouth and can't respect women's bodies or their opinions. This was never a problem at the W.

Perhaps you're also not aware that MUW *has* a great deal of the "broader appeal" you mention. Do you know how many legislators in Jackson are married to W girls? Did you know that W grads have gone on to be justices of the MS Supreme Court, founders of the MS College Law School, and Fortune 500 execs? I hardly see how having a degree from MUW, which puts one in such illustrious company, could be anything but a benefit.

And finally, I hate to burst your bubble, but MUW is not an all-female university and hasn't been since 1984. There are men on campus, and Columbus also has an Air Force Base nearby that provides plenty of "meat" if we hot Young Thangs are looking. It's just that some of us want to get our educations in line first. I'm sure you'd understand if you'd gone to the W, although judging from the multiple grammatical errors in your post, I'm assuming you probably went to State.


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