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Saddened by actions of Christian church


Deborah Walk



I watched the documentary on Ted Haggard last night on HBO. 45 minutes of me crying over this man who was caught having a homosexual relationship and who used drugs. He is a man who made a whole lot of money, who did admit to the men he was accountable to his "sin." He was ousted from leadership, and with that I have no problem. The kicker for me was he was removed from his home, his, not one the church owned, and ran out of Colorado altogether. 


Since being kicked out, he has moved around about every four months. He has a wife and two sons in high school. I watched them move and move as Ted tried to get a job to support his family, which was not very fruitful. 


My anger and grief comes from this: What right does any "church" have to remove a man from his home and a state? That is the height of arrogance! Should he have been removed from leadership? Yes. He needed therapy and has spent two years in it. But if this is all the church is about is bowing down to church "leadership authority" then it is not worth the space it takes up on earth. It also is not scriptural. Christ is the head of every man. 


This man, this sinner, had he been caught with a woman, it probably would have gone a lot easier on him, but because he had been struggling with his attraction and desire for men he was despised. Not one person can show me in the NT where Jesus said that was the unforgivable sin, not one! Sex sin is sex sin whether it be a man/woman cheating on their spouse, or having sex before marriage or homosexual sin. 


But the new "it is OK to be a bigot here" deal is homosexuality. Remember when it was scriptural to hate black people, and that hasn''t been that long ago? 


I remember. I didn''t agree with it then, and will not be a bigot now. 


Remember that Jesus hung out with hookers, tax collectors, thieves, and all sorts of "bad" folks. I bet there was a homosexual in the crowd too. Didn''t He say He came to save the lost? If Jesus walked around today and preached the same thing He did on earth, and no one knew who He was, He would rock the Pharisees of today just like He did then and might find Himself being run out and the risk of being killed.  




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Reader Comments

Article Comment STodd commented at 2/3/2009 3:55:00 PM:

Since you aren't a member of the church (as I am), don't know Ted (as I do) and don't have the facts (that actually I do), your thoughts, while protected by the First Amendment, are neither correct, nor particularly persuasive.


Article Comment AW commented at 2/4/2009 10:25:00 PM:

Today, People in America, I believe, have lost the concept of America's true meaning. Those people want to build America on the values of church, which is against the law,(seperation between church and state)and yet somehow those laws passed, because of people who want to control the rights of certain Americans (homosexuals), which those laws are a act of prejudice. How anyone ever thought that was alright?, I am just not sure, because I can not bring myself to that level. Its just sad to me how people are today ,and what they believe and think they have the "RIGHT" to do.


Article Comment kate commented at 2/7/2009 7:09:00 PM:

I also saw the Ted Haggard special and I would personally rather sit and talk to him who fell, who understands how he hurt people and has a repentent heart than to sit in that church and listen to the hypocrisy.


Article Comment charles commented at 2/8/2009 1:30:00 PM:

We used to burn witches.

How do you prove someone is a witch.

Today, most of us don't even believe in witches,
much less believe in burning them.

We no longer believe that the world is flat,

I wish I had some hindsight up front.

It would be interesting to know which of our
present beliefs will, one day, be considered
to be false.


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