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Curious about apathy toward sex offender


V.J. Rushing



Re: your recent headline "Child porn cases not taken lightly." Really! What about cases of actual sexual abuse on a child? Last year Gill Dishongh, a ''prominent'' white businessman and churchgoer of the community received two years for the despicable crime. Admittedly guilty.  


Two years and another pervert is on the streets and the community evidently takes it lightly as well as the judge (Kitchens). At that time there were more letters to the editor (The Commercial Dispatch) and outrage about the name change of The W. I can''t recall seeing any letters on the light sentence given to the deviant. Am I missing something? Anyone? 




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Article Comment T. Quinn commented at 2/6/2009 5:45:00 PM:

I read V.J. Rushing's letter regarding the September 2008 sentencing of Gill Dishongh. Rushing takes issue with the two year sentence handed down to Dishongh, a "prominent 'white' businessman and churchgoer of the community." Gill Dishongh was indicted and charged with fondling a young man. The young man and his parents were friends with the Dishonghs and they frequently visited in each other's homes. I am familiar with the Dishongh case and know that the parents of the victim appeared in Court and asked that Judge Kitchens place Dishongh on probation instead of sending him to prison. Kitchens listened to the request by the victim's parents and refused to place Dishongh on probation. Instead, he sentenced him to serve two years in prison followed by five years of post-release probation. As a result of this, Dishongh is a convicted sex offender and will forever have to register as such every ninety days for the rest of his life. He will be listed on the internet on the State's sexual offender web site and his picture and address will be so listed. I can see no fault on Kitchens' behalf; he went against the wishes of the victim and sentenced a "prominent 'white' businessman and churchgoer of the community" to serve time in prison as a sex offender. Dishongh is in prison right now. It seems to me that the best possible outcome happened with Dishongh's plea; the victim was not required to relive the crime by going to trial and face an uncertain jury verdict and he knows that there is justice for victims and punishment of the guilty. I live in the metro Atlanta area and I only wish that our judges would send sex offenders to prison like Judge Kitchens did with Dishongh.
T. Quinn
Vinings, Georgia


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