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A Saturday Dispatch




It''s Saturday morning and, lo and behold, there''s a freshly delivered Dispatch out on the driveway. 


Welcome to the first Saturday edition of The Dispatch.  


The new day, time and content is our response to you, the reader. Many have complained over the years about having to wait until Sunday for reports on Friday night high school football. Now sports fans can get their fix of scores and highlights just hours after the close of games, rather than waiting a whole extra day. 


A hue and cry went up when we discontinued the weekly TV guide; that''s back. We''ve heard the pleas of our valued readers. And we''ve responded. 


Monday''s edition, which has not been a popular one, has been discontinued. The Monday profile now will be a Saturday profile and will continue to feature community members just like you. 


Everyone has a story to tell. The weekly profile gives us an opportunity to tell the stories of our friends, neighbors and would-be strangers that might not otherwise get noticed. 


We expect Saturday''s edition to be light on news and heavier on features and, of course, local sports. The news window between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning is slight. 


The Saturday paper is meant to kick start the weekend, highlighting events we can enjoy in our own backyard. It also will offer a look at recently released movies, candidly reviewed by local moviegoers. 


It''s your paper as much as (or even more so than) it is ours. We hope you will embrace it and enjoy it, as a product created to better serve you. 


As always we welcome your ideas and input. E-mail us at [email protected] 




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