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Tyler McShan: Saturday edition



Ironically, it was the lack of a Saturday edition that caused our change from The Commercial Dispatch to the Tuscaloosa News about 1972. My family always had a strong tie to Columbus probably since the town was founded when the rail -road came through. 


During my brief interest in football (JR. High basically) I could not live without the prep scores that were printed in the Tuscaloosa News Saturday morning edition. For that reason we started taking the Tuscaloosa News although it is now nothing but Roll Tide and New York Times editorials. (I have long since fallen into the category that my father refers to as an "Alabama Queer" being someone that likes girls better than football.) Having learned the error of my ways I continue to take whatever steps are necessary to keep up with The Dispatch. 


Hope it works out well for you. Enjoyed the latest edition of Catfish Alley. I will have to admit it is far better than I expected.  




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