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Bill Kane: New Zealanders concerned about fate of St. John




I note with some concern your article regarding the suspension of Chief Joseph St. John. I would like to make the point that he has no idea that I am writing this letter of support. 


I am a Customs Officer in New Zealand and my wife, Paulette, is a research teacher. We have been serving our community in New Zealand for many years. If you come to New Zealand on vacation, I''m one of the more than 300 Immigration and Customs officers you will meet. My wife and I have traveled widely around the Southern United States in particular, usually driving from Houston to ''anywhere'' in the South. A few trips ago, we stumbled on the small township of Paulette ( of course) and naturally, our love affair with Mississippi started right there. 


Last April we made a return trip to Columbus and, at the time, were wandering around the little square where Tennessee Williams first home is displayed. Chief Joseph, recognizing our good friends Ken and Brenda Carter, came over and was introduced to us 


Joseph St. John was enthused, dedicated, well spoken and took great pride in his uniform, his staff, local and national responsibilities. After chatting about law and order issues common to the USA and to New Zealand for a while it was clear that this man was an asset of high value to his community. In my job, I meet many policemen of all ranks and I have to say, Chief. Joseph St. John is among the best and shows great leadership qualities. 


It is very difficult to find law enforcement people of his caliber and the fact that he was serving as police chief tells me that he has huge community values and respect that just cannot be ignored. After all he was selected on that basis. And, I would bet that Joseph would be the first guy to raise his hand and admit to a failing. We all have them. 


In these instances I am reminded of a quote which goes something like this, "Don''t look for the speck in your neighbor''s eye, look for the rock in your own first." 


Best Regards to all Mississippians and looking forward to our return. 




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Article Comment readaboutit commented at 7/21/2011 6:56:00 AM:

Thank you, Bill Kane! Our own councilmen cannot see the value of a dedicated city employee, probably because they have not attained that mark in their own careers!!!!


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