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Fred Bell: Election time






There has been much in the news about the importance of Aug. 2 on the national level whether or not to raise the debt limit. While we are all interested in what''s going on in Washington, remember that Aug. 2 is very important date here in Mississippi as well. We in Columbus have some very important decisions to make on that date about the direction our county and state is going and how we will meet the problems of the future. This is one of the most important elections we have had in a long time. This election could very well affect our lives for years to come. 


We fortunate to have so many qualified people seeking office. We thank all those who are willing to serve in the respective office they are seeking. They made the decision to offer their service to us and it is up to us to support the candidate of our choice by getting out on election day and voting. We have the privilege that so many countries around the word do not have and that is selecting our public officials. 


We have brave men and women throughout the world fighting for that privilege and not voting would be to dishonor them and to those who have given their lives for us to have that freedom. One vote can make a difference so make plans now to vote Aug. 2 and encourage your friends and neighbors to go to the polls and vote as well. 


Before you vote I challenge you to study the issues and look at the records of the candidate so you can make an educated decision. Many of the candidates have a record of public service and you can look at how well they have served our county and state in the past. 


We have many who are running for the first time so you have no record to study. You need to talk with them ask where they stand on the issues that concern you. Ask about their qualifications for the office they seek, what they plan to do in the office if elected and why they feel they are better qualified than their opponent. 


Last but not least when talking to any candidate be sure to remind them that when the election is over they need to pick up their campaign poster as quickly as they can. Many time signs stay up months after an election and become an eyesore for our community. Remember Aug. 2 and vote. 


Fred Bell 





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Article Comment hope commented at 7/24/2011 11:26:00 AM:

Two questions you should ask these candidates. Are you going to let the lobbyists influence your decisions over why the people voted to put you there?
Would you consider the money paid to a lobbyist to be a bribe?


Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 7/25/2011 4:54:00 PM:

Hope, why would you believe a single word a political candidate spoke?

Ok, I'll put a cat on every couch, cable in every house, a $20 bill behind your left ear, and cook you a corn dog.... so you'll vote for me too?

P.T. Barnum WAS right.


Article Comment pat henry commented at 7/26/2011 1:45:00 PM:

Nicely done, Fred.


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