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Oran Hill: Troubled by candidate's lawsuit




I noticed that Mr. Lynn Wright tried to vindicate himself in a letter to The Dispatch in May where he was "explaining" his reasons for his dismissal as principal of New Hope High last year. I read where he is actually suing the Lowndes County School District. How can he be an effective superintendent if he is suing his Board? The board has to approve his budgets and recommendations and I can''t imagine the unrest it would bring to Lowndes County Schools for this to be the agenda every time the board meets. How can they support his recommendations when he is suing them? This is too much of a distraction when the focus needs to be on the education of the children of Lowndes County.  


He''s got a lawsuit against our school district and he wants to be elected as the chief executive officer? I don''t think so. We have several very qualified candidates. If Mr. Wright wants to be one of them he needs to ... drop the lawsuit against the very school district he wants to supervise. Mr. Wright, put up or shut up. 




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Article Comment eldrews commented at 7/30/2011 10:45:00 AM:

I am truly sorry that you have been misled by the overwhelming volume of negative, false information that has appeared in the press. Mr. Wright filed his lawsuit for the sole purpose of protecting his reputation. After being wronfully terminated, he had no other choice. The hearing officer's report shows, without a doubt, that he was wrongfully terminated. One of Mr. Wright's goals as Superintendent will be to direct the Board's focus away from this kind of behavior and back to our students. Please don't hesitate to contact Mr. Wright. He would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. The same will apply in his capacity as Superintendent. Everyone please show your support on Aug. 2. Contact Mr. Wright at [email protected]


Article Comment tiredfedupsick commented at 7/30/2011 12:44:00 PM:

Dear Mr. Wright,

Several reasons why you will not make a good superintendent. (1) You moved into Mississippi just to run for a public office. If you really cared about the kids of Lowndes County, you would have done that years ago when you were named principal at New Hope. We don't need a coach from Alabama leading our school system. (2) You are running because of a personal vendetta against the school board and current superintendent. You are being used by a group of people who will only hurt you in the end. When you team up with someone who physically abuses a student in the school district during a baseball game, you certainly don't have the child's interest at heart. Then you let him remove a tractor mower that belonged to the New Hope baseball program from school property and tried to help him cover it up. However, when you two decided that you were in trouble, he returned the mower to the baseball field. That in itself was an admittance of guilt in breaking state purchasing laws. You, yourself, should have fired the coach when he removed all the sport's equipment (baseballs, bats and other items purchased by the baseball booster club), the tractor mower, the cabinets from the concession stand (ripped them off the wall and threw them away - school property because once a building is built on campus it becomes property of the school district no matter what you personally gave to the baseball program) and many other small items that were property of the baseball program. That's a good reason for someone like you to not be given the chance to run our school district. I would go on with more reasons, but your people would only combat them with more lies. I ask each of the voters to look at everything with each candidate. We really need someone who has lived and worked in Lowndes County all their life as our education leader and not just someone who all of a sudden moved here for reasons other than furthering the education of our great children.


Article Comment thom geiger commented at 7/30/2011 1:21:00 PM:

Has any member of the Lowndes County School Board ever filed suit against the Lowndes County School District? Yes. Have any local government officials ever filed suit against the city or county governments? Yes again. Right now, bets are that the one applicant for the position of permanent police in Columbus, who has sued the taxpayers of the city repeatedly (U.S. District Court, Northern District of Mississippi (msnd) 1:05-cv-00234-MPM, 1:07-cv-00168-MPM, No. 07-60640-UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FIFTH CIRCUIT), is going to get the job. The current interim police chief has sued (U.S. District Court, Northern District of Mississippi (msnd) 1:05-cv-00258-WAP-JAD, McQueen v. City of Columbus, Mississippi) the taxpayers of the city of Columbus. In this case (U.S. District Court, Northern District of Mississippi (msnd) 1:92-cv-00014-GHD, "Smith v. Columbus MSSD, et al"), is that THE Robert Smith? Just asking.


Article Comment oletimer commented at 7/30/2011 11:08:00 PM:

tiredfedupsick, HA!! HA!! HA!! That is all I can say to you! I am sure you are one of the ones that is right there with our current superintendent that spread the lies about the lawnmower and the "abuse". This will come out in court!! Go Mr. Wright!!! We all know what they have done. How do they look at themselves in the mirror each day?


Article Comment tiredfedupsick commented at 8/2/2011 8:38:00 AM:

@all - I don't personally know the superintendent but I did meet him during the last election. I don't need to know him to know that Wright would not be mentioning the lawsuit everytime he gets a reporter's ear if he was not guilty. We all know that a hearing officer is just that and not a federal judge or the jury the case will be tried before. Just like his buddy hester, he just can't keep his mouth shut about being done wrong. They will be whining next year at this time because both will have the "fired" report in their personal record. We also know that both have the ear of Minchino at the Comm Dispatch and take every opportunity to try and persuade the people who read the paper that they have done nothing wrong. Like I said, no one who just became a resident of this county for vendetta reasons cares about the school kids of Lowndes County.


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