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Mark Smith: Supports Dennis




I am working with and supporting a fellow business owner, and a person who is virtually unmatched as a civic leader, for governor of Mississippi. Not because he is my friend, but because he is, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate for a job which will require the person in that position to oversee a multi-billion dollar budget, to lead thousands of people and, among many other things only a seasoned CEO knows how to do, manage such a large organization through any challenge or crisis that may come about.  


I ask you all this question: If we are electing someone to become chief executive of our state, should we not be considering someone who has actually has experience as a chief executive? Have we not learned enough from our mistakes in the past of selecting people for executive leadership positions who have little or no experience even running as much as a lemonade stand? 


Now some would try and make the argument that Dave lacks the experience and political savvy to effectively lead in Jackson given the fact that he is not a career politician. Be assured, Dave has spent more than enough time at the state capital and all over our great state as a civic and business leader pushing Mississippi forward to know exactly how to handle himself; especially while addressing some of the toughest issues such as education, job creation, health care and taxes. There is not room here to list all of the accomplishments and leadership positions Dave has held state-wide and beyond so please go to and take a look around. 


We owe it to ourselves to be fully informed in order to make the right choice this coming Tuesday. We have options; we can go back to the days of old and decide that we are better off with career politicians and amateurs running us into the ground, as is the case up in Washington, or we can choose to keep moving forward as we did when we elected Governor Barbour, a private sector CEO himself. Exercise your right to vote on Aug. 2 and please consider supporting Dave Dennis in the Republican Primary for governor.  




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