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Janice Gilliam: Supports Jeff Smith




Jeff Smith vs. Jack Larmour--Which would voters prefer? 


An honest, hard-working candidate, new to the Republican party who has been getting things done in the Legislature to benefit the people back home since 1992? Or--A candidate who calls himself the real Republican but lacks honesty and ability? Even Mr. Larmour''s campaign seems beyond his control. 


First, the fake "NRA endorsement letter," which Jack''s wife explained by saying they "didn''t read" the ad before placing it in The Dispatch. How is that going to float in the House? Will Jack sign bills without reading them? 


Now, Jack''s ad in last Sunday''s paper says that Jeff wrote an anti-gun bill? Come on. Why would the NRA give Jeff their endorsement if he had done that? Mr. Larmour needs to get his facts straight. Unless a candidate truly believes he can do a better job for the people than his opponent, the right thing to do is to drop out and support the better man. 


Even thought Jeff has the real endorsement of the NRA (as well a MS Right to Life and Mark Baker, Republican minority leader of the House,) Jack''s business, called Fork in the Road, has my endorsement for processing deer meat. He does an excellent job at that. 


Janice Gilliam 





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Article Comment true independence commented at 7/31/2011 10:29:00 AM:

I am so glad someone wrote about this. Jack Larmour is now, not just a fraud, but appears to be an outright liar. My favorite part of that ad was when he wrote that Jeff Smith raised income taxes because that is a complete lie. You see Larmour may not understand how to read a bill or piece of legislation, but when you quote it, you'd better know what you are talking about in that citation. The bill he cites, if you read it, show Jeff Smith authored an amendment to LOWER income taxes! I guess we are posed with the question about Larmour again: Is he really this dumb, or does he just lie all the time? To me, if you have to ask that question at all, you'd be crazy to give him your vote.


Article Comment stirthestupid commented at 7/31/2011 6:47:00 PM:

Just received the smear ad Jack sent out...I would NOT vote for someone who thinks he has to resort to running the other guy down...


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