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President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter." 


Today is a big day for our state and counties. It''s election day. Primary election day, that is. 


Many races, statewide and local, will be decided in the primaries. 


But in the Golden Triangle, voter turnout is meager, at best, especially in primary, runoff and special elections. 


Democracy only works if people participate in the process. 


It''s our opportunity as citizens to hire and fire. We can cast a vote for who we want to represent us as our sheriff, county supervisor and superintendent of education, to name a few. These are the people we pay -- via tax dollars -- to run our county, manage our schools and enforce our laws. 


Statewide, the winner of the Republican primary will be the next lieutenant governor. 


In Lowndes County, we know we will have a new sheriff and superintendent. Sheriff Butch Howard and Superintendent Mike Halford both have decided to retire. Those are two of the most significant offices in local politics. 


Longtime Lowndes County Chancery Clerk Lisa Neese has opposition in the Democratic primary in an area where many of her supporters likely will vote on the Republican ballot. 


In Oktibbeha County, longtime Sheriff Dolph Bryan faces fierce competition to reclaim his seat. 


In House of Representatives District 39, 20-year veteran Jeff Smith has a serious competitor in Jack Larmour, another race that will be decided in the primary. 


But even without hotly contested races and seats that will be decided today or in the runoff on Aug. 23, voting is important. 


Every vote makes a difference. And every ballot left uncast makes a difference, as well. 


Voting is a right. It''s a responsibility. It''s a privilege. 


Don''t take it for granted. 


Cast your ballot. 


Polls are open until 7 p.m.



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Reader Comments

Article Comment zenreaper commented at 8/3/2011 1:00:00 AM:

We get the people we WANT to run our country. If a person in ANY office told the TRUTH, and claimed to do what they SHOULD do, the voters destroy them. Imagine a sheriff that told you he would arrest criminals, even if it is YOU? Or an educator that told you he would DEMAND more at home cooperation and hold kids responsible for their actions, regardless of results including expulsion? How about a city council member who would tell you that he would get the streets repaved, but that YOUR street is very low on the list, sorry but we had to go by NEED...oh, and your taxes are going up to pay for it? He or she would never get past the primary, if they ever got in the race. Look at the popularity of the Candidates that TRY to tell the truth, Ron Paul for example. We have lived high on the hog, our unemployed DRIVE to get their checks, we support those who provide nothing to the system. We have prisoners sit on death row for DECADES. We can bring ourselves to DECIDE to execute them...we just can't seem to pull the trigger. We want the IMPRESSION of fairness, but are afraid to make the tough calls.

The entitlement has hit critical mass, and the system is falling apart.


Article Comment hope commented at 8/3/2011 6:39:00 PM:

Afghanistan broke Russia (8 years) and along with Iraq, they are putting a squeeze on us. Our unemployed DRIVE to get their checks because it's too far to drive to China to work.


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