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Claude Simpson: A political activist and proud of it




My name is being tossed around publicly in the Sunday Dispatch as a "political activist" because I have offered to serve on the Board of the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau. The labeling suggests I have something to gain by serving on that board. 


Mr. Sanders'' insistence on labeling me as a "political activist" is rather peculiar. I do not consider myself or even aspire to be a political activist.  


What I do try to do is to encourage growth and development in Lowndes County.  


Since returning to Columbus, I have learned that real people with Democratic ideals "live in the closet" politically, because they are afraid of being falsely accused and labeled as socialists, communists, permissive and biased tax spenders, on the wrong side of a racial divide, so "political activist" or any other label imaginable can be stuck on them by self-serving politicians and media.  


It sounds to me as if Mr. Sanders and others are practicing political activism themselves or have some other ulterior motive themselves by using such labels as a justification for the reason not to appoint me to the CVB. 


I am beginning to suspect that what is at stake here is the revenue of the CVB, which has grown to more than a million dollars, and now certain local politicians and other vested interests are trying to divert these funds for use in their own personal and project advancement. 


What would I personally gain from serving on that Board? Nothing. The CVB is an unpaid watchdog committee. It was established to assure that the taxes paid by our visitors and guests to city''s restaurants, hotels, and other transit facilities are properly and fairly distributed in the best interest of promoting a positive image and development in our community.  


By agreeing to place my name on the list of people willing to serve on this board, my aim was pure and simple to try and help the city grow and become an even more interesting place to live, with properties again increasing in value.  


Mr. Sanders, sir, if that is political activism, then so be it.  




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Article Comment maddawg commented at 8/11/2011 9:28:00 PM:

Can we dump the CVB and drop the 2% tax we all pay for you and all the other junk that goes with it? I really would like to see the real balance sheet of the CVB/City of Columbus/Lowndes County reflecting the net benefit of that 2% tax. Old money pig-a-widdies in this place are killing progress here. Get over the civil war and get on with today, and tomorrow. What a bunch of junk!


Article Comment taxpayer2 commented at 8/11/2011 11:23:00 PM:

The CVB headhunters don't want a strong minded person like Simpson on the board who might stop some of their dirty tactics. Dewitt Hicks act like he's the board attorney talking about getting an Attorney General opinion--he knew what he was doing when he just outright gave the position to that woman. He's just buying time until we taxpayers cool off. He should advise the board that public funds shouldn't be used to buy Nancy Carpenter a brand new silver SUV. She's riding around with her husband, Carol Carpenter, while taxpayers paying for their gas. I heard on the news that a county nearby have the State Auditor investigating wrongdoing. I hope CVB next on the list. Somebody, please call them (I'm not that brave).


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