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Roses and Thorns 8-14-2011




Roses to all the volunteers who make the Good Samaritan Medical Clinic possible. The free clinic celebrates its 10th anniversary on Tuesday. A dedicated staff of nurses, doctors, pharmacists and others work tirelessly to ensure the uninsured and under-insured still have access to primary medical care. It''s a labor of love and is an asset, not only to those who use it, but also to the community as a whole.  




A rose to the Starkville School District board of trustees for seeking community input on hiring its next superintendent. Thursday, the board held a public-input session, to find out what qualities community members would like to see in the next schools head. The Mississippi School Boards Association, which is in charge of the search, will use input gained Thursday night to develop an application for the job. Thus far, the board has been very open with the community and transparent in its efforts to fill the position. 




A thorn to the Columbus-Lowndes Convention and Visitors Bureau board for not doing due diligence in naming a full-time director. Nancy Carpenter has done a commendable job in the interim, since February. Still, the CVB is a public body and should have conducted a search, seeking outside applicants and public input, before hiring a director. 




A rose to Sturgis Mayor Walter Turner in the wake of the looming cancellation of the Sturgis South Motorcycle Rally, Turner has spearheaded the movement to raise enough funds to keep the rally alive. Turner, though not a rally board member, has been its talisman at Oktibbeha County Economic Development Authority and Starkville Convention and Visitors Bureau meetings.  


He''s seeking the help of local businesses and hotels that benefit from the annual rally, which draws more than 15,000 people each year. Turner says Sturgis citizens make a significant amount of money from renting their own land as RV space. The rally has a $40,000 budget shortfall and doesn''t have a contract with the city for this year''s event.  




Roses to Starkville educators Courtney Honnoll and Wade Williams, who recently were recognized by the district for their hard work. Ward Stewart Elementary School special education teacher Honnoll was named Outstanding Teacher. Williams, now at Starkville High, was named Outstanding First-Year Teacher for his work teaching sixth-grade math at Armstrong Middle School. Both seem to have a soft heart for the teaching profession and the children they educate. They are proof that teachers, though sometimes under-appreciated, can make a positive impact on the lives of children. 




A rose to Jackson native and Mississippi University for Women class of 1955 alumnae Jane Robbins Kerr, who brought a splash of color to Rosenzweig Arts Center this week with her latest photography exhibit, "Seeing Red." Kerr, 78, has traveled the world, but she is at her finest when she turns her lens upon the South, breaking down cultural barriers, challenging the status quo and exposing the richness of the Southern tableau. "Photography has saved me from old age," she said. "On the way to getting older, find your passion. You''ve got to have something." 








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Reader Comments

Article Comment shinealightonit commented at 8/14/2011 5:57:00 PM:

The Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau Board deserve more than a thorn for the "ambush promotion" that they conducted in anointing Nancy Carpenter as the full-time Director of the CCVB! Their arrogance and attitude that they are untouchable are an embarrassment not only to themselves, but to the city of Columbus, as well. The Board members, with the exception of Whirllie Byrd, should be ashamed of themselves!

The people of this area that know the truth and what has really transpired have to rise up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!"


Article Comment taxpayer2 commented at 8/14/2011 7:50:00 PM:

The Convention Bureau's inaction to conduct a search for director is harmful to Columbus. The chairman must address this extreme error in hiring Nancy Carpenter. The board's decision to disregard an earlier vote to conduct a search for a new executive director is blatant disrespect to the taxpayers of this city or ignorance of hiring procedures. I begin to wonder who holds the purse strings on that board. A Thorn is too mild for the Convention Bureau!


Article Comment casey commented at 8/15/2011 10:55:00 PM:

We have a BIG problem with this public body of misfits whose proper name is Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. The appointing authorities, both City & County. should take a position to straighten out some of the issues that is gnawing at concerned citizens and voters' nerves. The nerve of the board of directors to disregard hiring practices in a governmental, non-profit entity which depends solely on tax revenue for its mission. You should be ashamed for refusing to do a search for executive director of a million dollar company. How can you measure the best qualifier if there are no other applicants? I shutter to think of persons with excellent executive experience who were denied the opportunity to apply for the top job. Is it because of personal agendas and/or financial gain by some board members? Well, it certainly does not benefit the Bureau to deprive her of a top director. The CVB board of directors (except Ms Whirley Byrd) are poor representatives of the Friendly City. Cdispatch, thanks for this sounding board.


Article Comment sturgis resident commented at 9/22/2011 6:44:00 PM:

Walter Turner, Mayor of Sturgis, deserves a Thorn, maybe the whole thorn bush!!! All of his motives are self centered. It is very important that I tell all that will listen about his corrupt actions. He talks about the citizens of Sturgis making money from the rentals of property. Get ready for this piece of information!!!

The mayor's wife is known as CJ Rentals. She rents RV, camping and vendor spots for many of the residents and businesses of the town. She receives a very nice commission for her services. She also has PaPa's Campground, which you would assume from the name belongs to her husband, Mayor Walter Turner. The mayor sells Biker t-shirts from his hardware store during the rally. This adds even more revenue to his pocket. I would venture to say they make 7 to 10K (maybe even more) of good green money from all these land rentals and sales of t-shirts. The mayor and his wife make MORE money than any other citizen of this town. That is why he is willing to throw our little town in the creek in order to have the bike rally. Sturgis only made 3K last year. That is kinda sad, isn't it? And our great big Mayor and his wife made 3 times that much! I hope people are not fooled by the Mayor's actions. Open your eyes, look around folks. Surely you are not that blind!!


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