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Our View: The police chief search




Thus far, the Columbus mayor and City Council appear to be in no hurry to find a new police chief. 


Though the police department has been under interim leadership since July, city officials seemed, at best, vague. 


Officials say there is no time line on hiring a new chief. 


There should be. 


It''s a key position in any community, and it shouldn''t be left in limbo. 


Fortunately, that''s about to change. This morning Mayor Robert Smith announced details of an 18-member committee to vet the applications. 


We hate to sound like a broken record, but it can''t be said enough: Leadership is essential. 


The city has made a smart move by reaching out for applicants both locally and far and wide.  


There is something to be said for someone who knows and loves the community already, who is invested in its well-being. 


If there is such a candidate who is local, highly qualified and exhibits those intangibles that make a great leader, all the better. 


But if there is a candidate from afar who can take the department to new heights, let''s give them a fair shake as well. 


The city has received 82 applications for the job, mostly from outside of the area, says city Human Resource Director Pat Mitchell. Smith says he and city Chief Operations Office David Armstrong will vet the applications, removing those of candidates obviously unqualified. Then the committee will be called to do its work. 


We''re glad to see the process moving along and that efforts have been made to keep politics out of the process. 


















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Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 9/14/2011 5:55:00 AM:

Atta boy Birney, grease it up for them.


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