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Cameron Triplett: Takes issue with mother's comment




In Sunday's reader comment section there were three comments on the bomb threats at local schools recently. A "sheatherly" needs a reality check, and as a former first responder, I would like to enlighten her.  


I have been in the very position of being delayed by a mother who "wild horses could not drag me from going." I was responding to a wreck in my personal vehicle, driving 80 mph down an empty highway when a car passed me at well over 100 mph. Remember- I'm trained to drive emergency vehicles and the mother in this case was not, and I'm concentrating on getting there safely so I can treat all injured persons and not worrying my head off about my child. In other words, this "concerned mother" was endangering herself, me, and everybody else who might have been on the road with her thoughtlessness and selfishness. 


The scene was down a gravel road, and "Mama" turned down it just before I did, raising a cloud of dust that radar couldn't penetrate, which severely slowed me down. What could she do once she got there, besides get in the way and possibly do something that would cause further harm to her child or another patient? 


Luckily there were two other first responders on scene when I arrived, so the situation was well under control, and there were no serious injuries.  


So, I urge "sheatherly" and all other people who think they are doing something good or right for their child by getting in the way of trained, licensed, people who can help, to stay out of the way and let somebody who can help do so. What would you think or say or do if some other "sheatherly" was concerned about her child and kept your child from getting needed immediate care?  


If your child is not the only one in danger, remember there are other mothers just as worried as you are. Lose the movie reaction of rushing in to help when you can't. Use reason and caution in these situations. Don't create another emergency that will pull personnel from the first scene. 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment sheatherly commented at 9/20/2011 2:20:00 PM:

Is this payback for a comment I made concerning another article you wrote, since you have the power to do it? Wow, you mentioned my user name three times. I must have really angered you. You shouldn't take it so personally. And why was the most important last sentence left out of my statement (for the second time) which was the most helpful and necessary POINT I was trying to make concerning what NEEDS to be considered...THAT TRAFFIC FLOW NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED AND PLANNED FOR. (This deletion aided in making me appear a certain way you are now taking such measures to do.) The complete array of comments that I and others made tell the complete story on the article, "Second School On Alert After Bomb Threat". My 1st response on that article was for the purpose of coming to the defense of the mother who was being attacked for doing what comes naturally to any parent.
Before you attack me for my views you need to check to make sure there where NO CMSD or Lowndes Co. personnel taking measures to see about their own relatives during these incidents. For if there were, I would expect you to personally name them in the paper also. I think that would be a little more newsworthy.
If the Dispatch is going to pretend to welcome comments...those comments and corresponding articles do not need to be a manipulation of their meanings for other motives.
And now I wonder what part of this comment will be picked out and isolated to serve your or the paper's purpose.


Article Comment sheatherly commented at 9/21/2011 9:14:00 AM:

Wow, you deleted my 2nd comment on the other article?? Why? So your article using only a portion of my comments would be more justified? Wow.


Article Comment sheatherly commented at 9/21/2011 1:31:00 PM:

And here's your "reality check", Cameron Triplett. In reference to your "emergency scenario", it appears that you were in a private vehicle and just DECIDED to go on a call without even an emergency light or a radio to receive communication to tell you that you were NOT needed AND endangering others on the road INCLUDING the mother who had BUSINESS THERE by blocking HER path? And, Cameron Triplett, your apparent disgust for "mama" shows that you could not even feel empathy for a parent's concern about their child. Is that why you automatically assumed that I was a "Mother" as stated in your subject line? I don't believe I revealed my gender in any of my comments. You don't think a "Father" can feel as much concern to such the degree that you would automatically assume I was a woman?
Or is it that you were just aggravated because a woman beat you in a race?
Do you think because you are a news writer that your opinion is correct just because it is your opinion, Cameron Triplett? You need to think about what you are saying before you write, man.
As far as losing the movie reaction of rushing in to help when you're not needed, maybe you should have taken your own advice on this one.

Feel free to respond using a pseudonym if necessary, or perhaps, several.


Article Comment daisy commented at 9/22/2011 1:26:00 AM:

Why don't both of you just stop all this nonsense. Are either one of you even thinking about the treats to our children. Try to think about what the schools faculty could have done different other than what the parents did wrong. At New Hope even though the majority of kids were already dismissed there were still some children there of all ages and all teachers were allowed to leave. So who was left responsible for children that was there? They didn't have parents trying to get the remaining kids because none of the parents were even notified. To Camron Triplett stop trying to make concerned parents look like bad people and stop deleting things that need to be heard to make yourself look better.


Article Comment sheatherly commented at 9/22/2011 11:10:00 AM:

Careful daisy, you and one of your sentences may be the next to be singled out as needing a "reality check" in the paper by Cameron Triplett, even though you've made some important points here. And I advise you (and everyone else reading this) to copy/save your comments in case you may need them to re-post to show the rest of what you actually said...just in case your concern about threats to our children gets turned into something else also.


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