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Susan T. Bell: Takes offense to thorn




I personally take offense to the "Thorn" you gave to the Caledonia Board of Alderman. You published your opinion about something you had no idea about. Yes, the board may have given a "cool" reception to the mayor's suggestion that he be chairman of the Christmas parade. (Last year the mayor wanted to appoint himself and his wife grand marshall of the parade. He has a real need for recognition.) First it was not even on the agenda, they were only days from the Caledonia Day celebration, where everyone in the board room except the mayor was focused on making it the best ever. Even without the Caledonia Day looming, why should the Board want to have Mr. Gerhart as chairman of anything, when he meets every act of the Board with as much opposition as possible. 


I personally know how much opposition the mayor demonstrated with the Caledonia Day Committee, to the point in which he filed a complaint with the Mississippi Board of Ethics, against Bill Darnell alderman and committee co-chairman, because there were more than two alderman present at Caledonia Day committee meetings. This was not a private meeting, these meetings were posted, advertised and open to the public. The mayor did attend one of these meetings. He said in his complaint to the Ethics Commission that he had not attended any of the meetings.  


Not only do the aldermen have to deal with the mayor in their normal capacity, Mr. Darnell must hire an attorney and defend himself against false acquisitions. 


The mayor owns property on the block South of Main Street. On Caledonia Day every resident and business owner opened their property up for the use of the town, except the mayor. He roped his off. Allowing no one access except for the fact two or three years ago when he had it open and charged people to park!  


The Board of Alderman deserves more than a "Rose" for the "Thorn" you gave. Yet, they continue trudge forward for the betterment of their community. Just ask the mayor what he did for Caledonia Day. Did he attend any meetings (one)? Did he volunteer to help in anyway to make Caledonia the success that it was? Caledonia is a great community and deserves a better leader than we have.



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