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Haley Salazar: Answer to letter




This is in response to a letter from Wain Reily that appeared in Friday's Commercial Dispatch regarding his experience while casting an absentee ballot in my office on Oct. 25, 2011. 


The timing of his complaint conveniently appears to have been made to meet the publishing deadline of The Columbus Packet's last publication prior to the election. There are numerous inconsistencies in his report of events as well as inconsistencies on information he provided this office when he registered to vote such as providing two different names. Mr. Reily was indeed on the voter roll twice between the August Primaries and the November General Election. It was caught when he came into the office to vote absentee and the records were merged immediately. Had Mr. Reily voted twice he would have committed voter fraud and would be subject to prosecution under the criminal voting fraud statutes. 


Mahala N. (Haley) Salazar 


Lowndes County Circuit Clerk



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