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Steve Ellis: Peanut butter (and life) for the children of Haiti




I would like to challenge every parent or grandparent in the Golden Triangle to look deeply into the eyes of their children and grandchildren. Then, I would challenge them to imagine that they don't have enough food to keep their loved ones healthy. Think drawn skins and hollow eyes. 


You may recall the horror of devastation suffered by residents of Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake. There is an opportunity to aid the still severely impoverished children of that island nation. It's called the Radiothon for Haiti. 


Tune in 91.1 FM, WMSV, at Mississippi State this Friday from 6 p.m.-midnight and again Saturday from 6 a.m.-midnight. Our university station will be taking donations to send peanut butter to Haiti through Operation Ukraine, the local private assistance organization headed by Kathy Cadden. 


Two tablespoons of peanut butter can provide the necessary protein for a child each day. Operation Ukraine's shipment will fly to Haiti Dec. 20, so it is important to act now. 


We are inviting all to come to the State Fountain Bakery on campus during the above hours for a free cup of coffee and some free peanut butter cookies, courtesy of Aramark Dining Services. Hopefully, you also will make a donation at any level. A telephone number for pledges will be made repeatedly during the broadcasts, so be listening for the number. 


We have challenged local businesses to match the $300 donation for 10 cases of peanut butter made by the student staff of WMSV.  


We also will challenge listeners to consider dividing their annual salary by 365 and donating the amount equal to one day's pay to the Radiothon for Haiti. I'm making that commitment, but if you can't match it, a gift of $3 to buy one jar is just as appreciated. 


Every penny of every dollar donated will be used to purchase peanut butter. There are no overhead or hidden costs. 


During this season of giving, the staff of WMSV is challenging their local and regional neighbors to make a difference--and to challenge friends and family to do the same.  


Many thanks, and may God bless you.  


Steve Ellis is the general manager of WMSV 91.1 FM at Mississippi State University



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