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Erma Sanders: Wonderful experience




Listening to the interviews for police chief of Columbus was such a wonderful experience. When this idea of selecting our police chief was suggested, I felt that it was a silly idea and offered a complete dodge for the mayor and city councilmen in doing their job. After following the process through to this point, I have changed my mind completely. Had we made the selection any other way, the results would probably have resulted in the same ways of days gone by, and no one would have been pleased. Whom ever wins the position after listening to these most qualified applicants will make us all winners. We, the local citizens, now know that the applicants applied because they liked us first. Second, the words they spoke about their reasons for wanting to work in our community were so uplifting coming from such interesting men. It was such a compliment for those men to want to be on our team. Their statements were so uplifting and reflected so much promise for our city. Now, which ever person is hired, it will not be a question of what the man can do for us, but what are we going to do to help him. 


The efforts of the selection committee will certainly pay off for us as we move forward. Never have I experienced such an interesting process. Thanks to all who gave of their time. You did such an outstanding job. Our mayor and city councilmen have made a very difficult job very easy as I see it.  


Erma Sanders lives in Columbus.



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