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Paul Mims: Concurs with column




Leonard Pitts, I read with interest your column "The Hidden Cost of War" in the Thursday Jan. 19 Commercial Dispatch. As usual, you presented a thoughtful, thought-provoking view of a controversial subject. I read your column regularly and although I don't always agree whole-heartedly with what you say, you usually get my attention enough to reflect on your point of view. And we do agree often enough that I've been tempted several times to offer you some thanks and encouragement to continue the good work. 


Since I choose this article to respond to, you might guess that I'm a disabled Vietnam veteran. And being an old infantry man with a CIB and Purple Heart, I would like to confirm your concluding statement that you are not saying that these guys should not be judged and criticized but we need to temper our judgment with the fact that these guys have been in a place where the rules are so different that 99% of Americans haven't the slightest clue of what its like to have been there.



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