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Cameron Triplett: Teachers and the health of towns




It is a sad situation when anyone must be terminated due to lack of funds, especially those who's job is educating our youth. Education is key not only to their future, but that of our nation as well. It is admirable that some are willing to take a pay cut so that others won't lose their jobs, but everybody should have seen this coming. When the Legislature mandated the increases in teacher pay, they had no idea that the economy would founder, but they also had no idea that it would improve or hold steady either.  


Everybody likes to get pay raises. The cost of everything is going up, so naturally everybody wants more money to keep their lifestyle. Sooner or later something's got to give. Nobody wants to pay more for the same product or service. 


The population of the world is growing, not just in the Golden Triangle, but in China, India, etc. This is putting a strain on available space and resources. The law of supply and demand kicks in. Less supply and more demand equals higher cost. There have been two world wars fought over land on which to live and/or grow food. It looks like there's another one just over the horizon. Maybe it will be over minerals or water, who knows? 


Columbus isn't the only town experiencing an exodus of citizens. Many smaller towns have all but dried up because nobody lives in them any more. Drive through the residential areas of just about any town and you'll see what I mean. I've seen four or five houses up for sale side-by-side. Many almost qualify for antebellum status.  


Why are people moving, and to where are they moving? The difference in taxes and car tags is one reason. Noise is another. Filth and trash in the streets. Gangs and drugs surely figure into some people's decisions. Some grew up in the country and miss that lifestyle. I know some who have gotten jobs elsewhere and relocated to be near work. 


For whatever reason, people are leaving highly populated areas yearning for quieter, more open areas. What's going to happen when all the farms and pastures are full of houses? I mean besides less agricultural activity. Where will they move next? 


Somebody needs to figure out a way to make it attractive for people to live in town. It would help if more people were responsible for their own actions and the actions of their children. Fewer police, firemen, medics, etc., would be needed. Taxes would go down. More residents means lower taxes and a better choice of public servants. Cutting and running isn't the answer. Everybody needs to stand their ground for the betterment of all. The possibilities are almost endless. 




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