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Raymond Gross: Supports Newt




Let me tell you about the man I endorse for president. 


He started teaching at West Georgia College in his last year at Tulane University, while he was pursuing his doctorate. He was the history professor there until 1978. He was elected to Congress and selected as Minority Whip for the Republicans in 1989. In 1994 he gave America the "Contract for America" and was chosen to be the first Republican speaker of the House in 44 years. He was very instrumental in welfare reform and a 4-year period of balanced federal budgets.  


He is Newt Gingrich, the only true conservative Republican candidate for president of the USA. No matter how much the media , including fox news, and the entrenched establishment try to ignore his campaign he is in this race and intends to be in it all the way to the convention at Tampa in September 2012.  


You see, the entrenched establishment in no way wants him to be elected to the highest office in the land because they realize that life, as they know it in Washington will be over. He has stood undaunted and boldly stated his intentions to change "big time" how things are being done in D.C. Now that kind of change scares the elite establishment to no end. And this includes the national media as well. You see the media has an entrenched way of doing business as much as the politicians in D.C. have.  


Hardly anyone gave coverage to Col. North when he endorsed Mr. Newt last week. Who would you rather have watching your back, Col . North, a beloved Vietnam hero, or Trump who just loves to fire people? To see more of the "dream team" conservatives who endorse Newt and his vision for the USA to include his new Contract with America, go to and please join us and like his Facebook wall. 


The primary election in Mississippi is next month on March 13th. I plead with you for the sake of our country and to keep our republic intact, please go vote for Newt Gingrich on that day or vote for him early on an absentee ballot. Thank you. 




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