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Patti Drapala: Excited about the caucuses




I routinely sleep late on weekends, but I won't on Feb. 18, which is this Saturday. Mississippi Democrats are holding their statewide precinct caucuses that day, and for the first time, I plan to participate at the basic level of the selection process for president of the United States. 


I am proud to be a Democrat because the party represents a diverse group of people who work toward the common good of all. And, many benefits that Mississippians enjoy today have been delivered by the Democratic Party. Those aren't the only reasons motivating me to participate in the party caucuses. (The caucuses start at 10 a.m. at all voting precincts across the state.) I needed a way to show an eighth grader I mentor in the Starkville Public Schools that the right to vote is something we should value. The right to choose when we cast our vote is important also. 


My student was studying for a history test on the Bill of Rights and the way our system of government came into being. Now I can talk a good game, but you and I both know we have to do more than just talk if we want young people to value the right to vote and the democracy we hold dear. Words without action ring hollow for too many young people. Let's not fail to set a good example for them. 


Let's show our young people the importance of participation in this presidential election. Democrats, set your alarm clocks for Saturday. For those who are interested or just curious, come join us. Let's get going.



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