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Cameron Triplett: Doing what's right for children and society




There is no one simple cure-all answer to the problem of welfare children. There seldom is for any problem, therefore the "fix" should be multi-faceted. Scott Colom rejects the idea of imposing drug testing for anyone on the public teat, getting Medicaid, food stamps, or other forms of welfare, saying that it is the children who will get hurt. Look, it is the parents of these children who are using them as pawns to con and extort more money and financing out of the government, aka the taxpayers, aka you and me.  


I don't drink alcohol, use tobacco, or abuse any other kinds of drugs, legal or not. So why should I/we/the taxpayers be forced to subsidize the bad habits of others? If somebody can afford to smoke/drink/get high, then they can afford to support their own children. If they don't want to do that, then they can surrender custody permanently and be "fixed" so they cannot have more welfare babies. The problem will dry up soon. 


Improving parenting skills would definitely help, but only if/when those who need it get it and put it to use. While on that subject, improve communication skills, readin', 'ritin' and 'rithmetic skills, at an early age. People who speak well are perceived to be more intelligent than those who do not. The same applies to those who can spell correctly, and know the difference between we're and were, your and you're, and other similar-sounding words. They have different meanings. 


Knowing how to dress properly is a big plus as well. Baggy pants on guys, or way too tight pajama jeans on gals (I've been able to tell what color thongs some were wearing, and believe me, that's a vision I would heap rather not have.) just won't cut it at a job interview. As an employee, you are the public face of your boss and the company for which you work. 


Kids are kids, and they don't have the mental capacity or maturity to prepare for their future, so it's up to the adults to guide them. The trouble is that too many "adults" aren't prepared to lead their children. This vicious cycle will only repeat itself until it consumes everyone unless something is done soon. The sooner the better. Forget about "children's rights" and concentrate on what's right for all concerned, especially these same children in a few years. 


Cameron Triplett 





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