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John D. Acker: Appreciates positive Dispatch




A rose and a "thank you" to The Commercial Dispatch for a wonderful change (from my perspective). I have been a past critic of the Dispatch for running negative stories that showed only the bad aspects of our community. The elected officials fist fights, the crime, the glorification of criminals, etc. I thought it showed our community in a bad light to outside businesses seeking to build manufacturing facilities and locate their employees here. It also left me depressed after reading the darn thing! 


Oh, but wait, a new and positive Dispatch has been seen lately. You have started to run stories about nonprofit organizations, citizens who pay it forward and the GOOD in our community. I'm sure you might say it's just a slow news cycle or it's what we've always done, but I know better. This is a newer, warmer, and fuzzier Commercial Dispatch that is truly committed to promoting and improving this wonderful corner of the globe we live in. I believe (and hope) that it is not a cycle but a true and intentional change for the better.  


They say any fool can be a critic but I wish to offer praise for a job well done! Keep it up. We (the readers) like it. 


John D. Acker 





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