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Roses and thorns: 3/25/12




A rose to the recipients of Main Street Columbus 2011 Design Awards. Announced at the group's annual meeting Thursday, the award recognizes outstanding projects within the historic downtown area. Recipients this year include Mitchener, Stacy and Associates, Huck's Place, River Ridge Condominiums and the Columbus-Lowndes Convention and Visitors Bureau. It's one thing for locals to sing praises of the preservation efforts by downtown building owners, but we're not the only ones. Downtown Columbus is often cited by developers and preservationists as a shining example of what can be accomplished with a downtown blessed with historic architecture. 




A Rose to the city's Public Works department, which has been hard at it readying the town for this week's influx of visitors. Little things can color a visitor's impression of a place. The week ahead may present an opportunity to extend a kindness to a stranger. That encounter may well be the most enduring impression that visitor will take home. Make it count, this and every week. Well-kept public grounds indicate a sense of pride and attention to detail. If you see any litter treat it as though it were on your property. Pick it up and dispose of it. 




A thorn to those responsible for the banners at the foot of River Hill advertising coming events. The sagging banners -- more befitting a traveling carnival than a town interested projecting a favorable impression -- present a shabby first impression of Columbus. Nothing against the events the banners advertise -- they are both worthy causes --┬ábut it seems all with the expense and effort we make to beautify the city, we shouldn't negate it with this slipshod display. 




A rose to John Bean and the Columbus Exchange Club. Bean was the recipient Thursday of the club's Book of Golden Deeds award, which recognizes those who have made substantial and often unheralded contributions to the city. Congratulations to Bean and thanks to the club for championing community involvement since 1972 when it first began giving the award. 




Another rose for the Link Young Professionals for their Saturday clean-up of Magnolia Bowl. The group plans to take on the playgrounds at Fairview Elementary and West Lowndes Elementary this summer. LYP board members deserving a special thanks are Shasta Dodd, Jason Sharp, Scott Colom, Christina Berry, Kathy West, Meagan Coughlin, Macaulay Whitaker, Josh Hartley, Shana Sullivan, Will Reedy, Renee Reedy and Jason Spears.



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