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Voice of the people: Eddie Cox


Eddie Cox



With the recent City Council meeting addressing the 'saggy pants' and citizens concern about crime in our city, there will be many discussions and head scratching for a solution. As I reflect upon this, one word comes to my mind - respect. An attitude of respect gives one a positive feeling, and their conduct will reflect that feeling, and it will multiply. Rude conduct reflects a lack of respect. We might even say, disrespect, and there are many who do not like to be "dissed."  


Someone with respect first has respect for self. A positive self-image is taught, in the home, in school, in church, etc. 


A person with respect has respect for authority. This is respect for parents, teachers, police, etc. It does not mean run when the police ask you to stop.  


A person with respect has respect for the rights of others. A person with respect will not steal things that belong to others. A person with respect has a right to listen to the sounds they want to coming from their box, but to broadcast those sounds to everyone within a city block is not showing respect for others.  


The solution to our situation is not going to be easy, or quick. Until children are taught respect, and shown the consequences of disrespect, we are going to get what we are getting now. There was a time when Columbus was considered a genteel and safe city. People dressed appropriately before going out in public.  


People who show respect to others get ahead in this world. Those who have no respect for others will not receive respect themselves.  


Eddie Cox 





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