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Voice of the people: Sanders Weathby Sr.




I am reflecting back to the May 15 city council meeting because I am still deeply disturbed about the events that went on, especially, the reasoning, thinking and action of the city councilmen of wards 2 and 5. When it came time to vote on the indecent exposure policy. I thought without hesitation, they would vote to help get our young men and boys out of the muck and mire. Unfortunately, they think we are pleased with their style of dress. That's why we should use our moral integrity and speak out because silence suggests consent. 


Evidently some of our councilman have a problem defining the difference between indecent and decent exposure. Did you even think, what the voters who put you office in office think about this policy? Would you care if your boys and young men wear dropped pants showing their rear end and their underwear while holding up their front end with their hands? The fact of the matter is when you know better you should do better, because spiritually, physically and morally, we are all on the same boat. If we all work together, we can do better and not worse, because the consequences of our actions await us. We don't want t support the sinful show of this world. 


Sanders Weathby Sr. 








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