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An anonymous letter



Editors note: As a rule The Dispatch does not print unsigned letters. We feel the following warrants an exception. 


To my husband M.... 


Physical abuse from you has taken my self respect, and my pride and my ability to love you. I have spent three years being scared of you. I have learned the hard way to be prepared for a quick exit from our home. During all of the slapping, chest bumping, trapping me in rooms, taking my keys, my phone, my shoes, my purse, pushing down and hitting me in the head; every time you did these horrific things to me I lost a little more of me. I want you to know that I am taking my life back. Your abuse will leave scars on my heart and soul, but they are just battle scars, the wounds will heal. I will be a whole woman again in spite of how you mistreated my love for you. 






This letter is for all the women in this town that have been hurt by someone they loved. If one woman can read this and see something in her own life, this letter was so worth it. 




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