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Voice of the people: Anne Freeze



Appreciates watchful eye of CPD 


I would like to urge our community to use a wonderful service provided by the Columbus Police Department. My husband and I were recently preparing for a week's vacation. Before we left, I filled out a very short form at police headquarters asking the patrol officers for my neighborhood to keep a special watch on my home. The form asks, among other questions, the make and color of any vehicle that will be left. We were surprised, in a good way, when a police car pulled up in our driveway at 8 a.m. on the morning of departure to check out the too many parked cars. My husband had a conversation with the officers and they told him what their coverage would be. I knew we were in good hands and left town with the utmost confidence in Officer Sherman and his partner. 


Thank you, Columbus Police Department. 


Anne Freeze 





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