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Our view: It's time for Dale to step down




Nadia Dale is the sort of person you want for just about any committee or board. Bright, conscientious and community-minded, Dale is just the kind of dynamic young leader Columbus desperately needs. 


Having said that, it is becoming clear that Dale should resign her position on the Columbus-Lowndes Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Trustees. 


If it seems paradoxical to suggest that this capable, conscientious community leader should excuse herself from a board which seems to need those qualities most, consider something Woody Allen once said: 


"Eighty-percent of success is showing up.'' 


And on this point, it is now beyond argument that Dale has fallen short. 


Appointed to the CVB Board by the Columbus city council in March 2011, Dale's efforts to improve the CVB have been seriously compromised by her absenteeism. Dale is often absent from meetings. When she is present, she often abstains from voting. 


This week, Dale was among a group of five CVB board members on a special committee to make recommendations for funding of festivals for 2013. It's an important position because there is some belief that many of the festivals and events have failed to meet the standards required for taxpayer funding.  


But when the committee gathered to make its decisions Tuesday, Dale was noticeably absent. 


If there were any lingering doubt as to whether Dale has met her obligations to the CVB, Tuesday's absence should be considered conclusive proof to the contrary. 


However, we do not question her passion to serve. 


Rather, we suspect Dale has simply over-committed herself. Certainly, she would not be the first civic-minded citizen to bite off more than she could chew. 


This has been especially true since mid-October, when she took over as the unit director of the Columbus Boys & Girls Club. Often, CVB meetings have conflicted with her duties at the Boys & Girls Club. In those instances, her commitment to the CBGC has taken precedence. On that point, we agree with Dale. Her role in revitalizing the CBGC is more important than her contributions to the CVB. 


And that is why stepping down would be best for Dale -- and for the CVB, too. 


It is certainly worth noting that Dale is far from the only person serving on various boards and committees who should seriously consider whether they are up to the task. The responsibilities of board members usually require more than simply attending meetings, far more. 


Whether it is a matter of competing commitments or a deficit of expertise, energy or even interest, there are many who occupy important positions who clearly contribute little to making those bodies effective. And, yes, this is even true with some of our community's elected positions, which is particularly disappointing. 


For some, being elected to a position or named to a board or a committee is little more than a matter of ego. Time after time, we see officials who are ill-informed or disinterested. Often they simply vote with the majority or abstain from voting altogether. 


Those who would serve would do well to follow the advice found in the Gospel of Luke: 


"For which of you, desiring to build a tower, doth not first sit down and count the cost, whether he have wherewith to complete it?" 


Too many people want to build a tower. 


Too few count the cost.



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