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More on the gun buy-back 


The CPD took less than three hours to spend $10,000 of tax-payer money to "buy back" firearms from the public. At $20 for airguns, that's at most 500 non-lethal items, and at $300 for "assault"-style weapons, that's at most 33 firearms, so between 33 and 500 items were "bought back." The article implies that hundreds more could have been "taken off the streets," or out of gun safes, closets, dresser drawers, or other places, if only the money was to be had. I have a few questions I'd like to see answered. 


Just how many air-guns were turned in? How many pistols and revolvers? How many rifles, and what type (bolt action, single shot, etc.)? How many shotguns, and again what type? What calibers and gauges/bores were turned in? Were any of the guns worth more to collectors than the prices paid by the police? Were any found to be stolen or used in crimes? Were any suspected gang-bangers or wanted persons? Could any of these guns been sold to a gun dealer for more money? 


The people who arrived too late to participate in the police-sponsored exchange apparently started their own version by swapping guns with one another. Somebody with a crime-connected gun could have traded for a legitimate gun not used in a crime. 


One of the things I dislike about such programs is that all guns "bought back" are destroyed, regardless. Any gun that is dangerous or unsafe should be destroyed, but a gun in good condition could be sold to a law-abiding citizen and possibly used to safe his or her life, or the life of a loved one, but we'll never know. 


Liberals love to say if just one life is saved by these type programs, then it's well worth it. They never question how many lives could have been saved if somebody just had the freedom and opportunity to have a gun to use to save a life. I look forward to seeing my questions answered, but I don't expect to see the answers any time soon. 


Cameron Triplett 





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