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Roses and thorns 7/26/09




  • A rose to Joe Higgins and Melissa Cook and staff of the Columbus-Lowndes Development Link, who organized a visit this week of about 50 visitors from the Guntersville, Ala., area.  


    The visitors were here to learn what Columbus and Lowndes County have done right, in terms of attracting industry and economic development. The group of business owners, government and economic development officials toured the county''s industrial park, the Columbus Riverwalk, downtown Columbus loft apartments, and several other area offerings -- and came away impressed. 


    "I just can''t say enough about Columbus," Guntersville''s mayor, Robert Hembree, said. "You bill yourselves as the Friendly City, and I can guarantee you live up to that name." 


    While much more can be done to improve Columbus and bring more jobs to the area, it''s nice to get an outside perspective on what we''ve done right. Thanks, Joe and Co., for showing our communities our friendly face. 




  • A thorn to The Clarion-Ledger, which this week mailed Columbus residents erroneously letters referring to "your local newspaper in Columbus" changing its format to "that of a weekly advertiser," in an attempt to drum up its own circulation. 


    Note to our readers: We have no plans to do any such thing. 


    Clarion-Ledger circulation director Sharon Heckler, who is responsible for the letters, said she based the campaign on a phone call from a single person who said he was from Starkville. She said she would mail corrections to addresses that received the first letter. 


    The Clarion-Ledger did, indeed, mail out corrections -- while repeating their subscription offer. 


    Not a cool move, guys -- especially in this economy, and amid the larger uncertainty about newspapers in general. 




  • A rose to 2008 Mississippi State University graduate Anna Tadlock, who was crowned the new Miss Mississippi last Saturday in Vicksburg. (As if she needed more roses.) 


    Tadlock, a communications major with emphasis in public relations, said her MSU experience has already helped her "tremendously," in particular, the public speaking she acquired at the university. 


    "She sat near the front, was there all the time and was one of the best students in the large class," said Prof. John Forde, an associate professor of public relations and the head of the communications department at MSU. "Most everybody would agree that she was one of the best students we''ve had lately. ... She did have good comments and would ask questions after class." 


    Good luck, Anna, in the Miss America pageant. 




  • A rose to the Military Order of Purple Hearts and the Patriot Riders, veterans groups that have teamed up to bring a traveling memorial honoring fallen Mississippi soldiers to cities throughout the state. The memorial was on display this week this week Cadence Bank. 


    The memorial honors Mississippi soldiers -- a total of 65 -- who died in combat activities in Iraq or Afghanistan. Included in the memorial are details and photos of two soldiers from Caledonia, Army Staff Sgt. Jeffrey F. Dayton and Staff Sgt. Brian L. Freeman; and Sgt. Courtland A. Kennard and Cpl. Robert Taylor McDavid from Starkville. 


    Thanks for helping keep their sacrifices alive. 




  • A rose to Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman, who earlier this week said he would make a new municipal complex should be "the highest priority" for the city. 


    All who have seen the current City Hall and Police Department in downtown Starkville would agree that new digs are in order. The current building is ... rustic, to put it mildly. 


    Plans for a new municipal complex have been batted around for years. The project, which would require a bond issue, was defeated in a referendum in 2005, and Wiseman wants to place the issue in front of voters again, possibly by next summer. 


    A new facility would match Starkville''s new progressive attitude -- Time will tell if a majority of citizens agree. 




  • A rose from a reader 


    "The Precious Jewels of Kingdom Vision International Church Pastor R. J. Matthews would like to give roses to Ms. Siobohan Riley, for her dedication to encouraging and inspiring youth in the Golden Triangle. Thank you!" 




    Know of someone who deserves a rose -- or a thorn? Send your nomination to [email protected], and we''ll consider it for a future mention.



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