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Letter to the editor: Rev. David J. Caldwell




'Sad commentary' 


It is getting bad now when the so-called black leadership in the city of Columbus falls back on the race card to excuse away convicted felons as being discriminated against. The honorable Kabir Karriem now wants us all to believe that the poor unfortunate blacks and Hispanics that have felony convictions, have these convictions just because they are black and Hispanic and should be able to get city government jobs despite having been arrested, tried, and convicted of these felony offenses.  


This is a sad commentary on a black government leadership when he wants to push this ridiculous legislation, when there are so many others of the black and Hispanic community who are upstanding, not only that, but outstanding leaders in their own right who have worked hard raising their families to also be upstanding and outstanding citizens and have made their way without committing any type of infractions of the law, let alone felonies.  


For example, my neighbor, Mr. Darrel Robinson, worked two jobs that I know of, raised two beautiful daughters and a handsome son who all while in school, worked in the public, graduated and all received scholarships to college and are attending or have graduated from college. How about my brother-in-the-Lord, Bishop Willie Joe Hollis. He pastors three churches, works two jobs, does lawn care work, the list can go on and on. A more humble or finer man you couldn't find whose shoes I am not even worthy to untie.  


Two former co-workers who still work at Dyncorp, James and Vicky Golden, are leaders and top long time employees on the Columbus Aircraft Maintenance contract. All these individuals are African Americans ... do I need to continue? To my knowledge, none of these fine people needed to have felonies overlooked to find employment. If there are individuals who have made unfortunate mistakes in their lives, committed crimes worthy of felony convictions, served their time and now are working hard to try to make new lives for themselves and want to try and make something of themselves, then yes, considerations should be made, not based on their race, but on their record since serving their time and paying their just debts to society. Come on Councilman Karriem, how about standing up for the honest and hardworking people of all races, instead of these other "Fine upstanding albeit misunderstood poor felons"... of any race. 


Rev. David J. Caldwell 





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