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Voice of the people: Melody Vydas




An intimate theatre experience 


During Saturday night's performance of Tennessee Williams' "Kingdom of Earth," I came to the realization that I was having a tangibly unique response as a viewer. The play had tormented characters, and the plot was tragic as is almost always the case with Williams' plays. It was "rough" in language and action, and being present in the theatre forced me to experience a world of pain and angst. Anyone familiar with Williams' plays would see no surprise in this.  


The acting of David Trotter (Chicken), Cherri Golden (Myrtle) and Alex Orsak (Lot) was superb in every way. Director M. J. Etua achieved her plan to bring the actors together, showing great skill and complete comprehension of achieving Williams' intention.  


The entire production team brought excellence in their contributions under overall producer Brenda Caradine. The only difference between this production and others I have attended may be how well the play worked when one is seated in the front row of a small and intimate theatre. I was close to the actors as they performed. It was like holding a book in my hands, and reading it and finding the characters springing to life in front of me. And somehow I could feel compassion for all of them, with their convoluted lives, their struggles to survive, the twists and turns so common to the human condition.  


I am very glad that I had a chance to experience "Kingdom of Earth." 


Melody Vydas 





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