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Letter to the editor: Ed Vignaroli




Dismayed by condition of old neighborhood 


I went to Columbus this past weekend to attend the Pilgrimage. While I thoroughly enjoyed being back in Columbus after 16 years and seeing all the things I so fondly remembered, I was shocked at the state of disrepair my old neighborhood (Hunington Place off Ridge Road). 


I understand hard economic times limit what one can and can't do in the area of remodeling ones home. But, there's no excuse other than a state of extreme indifference, to explain the state of disrepair in what used to be a lovely little neighborhood.  


It's a small thing, but if one is not motivated enough to look after the basic upkeep of their home, the city is doomed. 


I sincerely hope that is not the case. I once looked at Columbus as a place I would like to return to one day to live. No longer. 


I realize I am but an outsider, but I really think the time is long past to take care of your own business Columbus residents. 


Ed Vignaroli 


Collierville, Tenn.



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