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Voice of the people: Anne Burkart




'Men and women of courage' 


A recent letter to the editor, signed by the writer using his real name, echoed my own letter from several years ago. At the time I was writing letters to the editors that were being bashed and ridiculed by unnamed, cowardly, faceless, weenies. The Dispatch saw nothing wrong in using anonymous attacks from writers who hid in the bushes and threw stones at people who stood in the open. 


First of all anyone who does not have the guts to give their name has no place in the forum of public discourse. Second, The Dispatch is showing poor judgment in giving its approval to slimy attacks on brave people by cowards. Thirdly, the person being attacked should be able to meet his critics on equal terms in order to respond properly.  


I do not have any respect for anonymous opinion writers but can tolerate their commenting on some news of the day. What is despicable is that The Dispatch uses no-name weenies to shout down brave writers who are taking a public stand. Maybe it is time for all honorable people to protest The Dispatch's below-the-belt practice of encouraging cowards rather than protecting upright men and women who stand behind their opinions. 


The policy could be that no one is allowed to remain anonymous in order to criticize a private citizen who signs their legal name to an opinion.  


I appeal to The Dispatch: Do not give equal respect to cowards that is due only to men and women of courage. 


Anne Burkart 





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