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Voice of the people: Karen Windle and David Barber




The Clinic at Walmart 


We would like to respond to a letter to the editor about an incident that occurred recently at the Columbus Walmart that criticized The Clinic at Walmart. The signed lease agreement between Walmart and North Mississippi Clinics, L.L.C. (which operates The Clinic at Walmart) specifies that clinic staff is not to attend to Walmart customers in medical distress. First response is to be provided by Walmart staff who can determine whether to seek emergency care or to direct those individuals to the clinic. The Walmart policy manual states that clinic employees are to remain in their area and not interfere with the store's policy on handling such an event. In this instance the Walmart manager handled the situation. If requested by the manager, as per Walmart's policy, we would have provided assistance.  


The Clinic at Walmart values the opportunity to serve our community in the most convenient of all locations--at Walmart. We work closely with store manager Ernest Robinson and his staff. We respect Walmart's emergency policy and will continue to abide by it and provide assistance as requested by Walmart staff. 


Karen Windle 


David Barber 


Windle is the office manager for The Clinic at Walmart, Columbus. Barber is president of North Mississippi Clinics, L.L.C.



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